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Almond Meal, Blanched Australian 400gAlmond Meal, Blanched Australian 400g
blend 11 vegan bircher, gluten free muesli 150g pack
Blend 13: Grain Free, Paleo, Bircher Muesli
bliss ball mix an easy protein ball premix by goodMix
Buckwheat Kernels, Organic 650gBuckwheat Kernels, Organic 650g
Burger Mix vegan burger patties premix 400g
Sold outCacao Nibs, Organic 400g
Cacao Nibs, Organic 400g Sale price$16.75
Sold outCacao Powder, Organic 300gCacao Powder, Organic 300g
Chia Seeds, Organic 500gChia Seeds, Organic 500g
Chia Seeds, Organic 500g Sale price$14.75
Sold outCoconut Shredded, Organic 400gCoconut Shredded, Organic 400g
Sold outDried Apricots, Organic 500gDried Apricots, Organic 500g
Flaked Almonds, Blanched Australian 300gFlaked Almonds, Blanched Australian 300g
Flaxseed, Organic 500gFlaxseed, Organic 500g
Flaxseed, Organic 500g Sale price$11.95
Sold outGoji Berries, Organic 350gGoji Berries, Organic 350g
Sold outHulled Hemp Seeds, Organic 450gHulled Hemp Seeds, Organic 450g
Sold outMaca Powder, Organic Raw 400gMaca Powder, Organic Raw 400g
Sold outMesquite Powder, Organic Raw 400gMesquite Powder, Organic Raw 400g
Sold outPea Protein Powder, Organic 750gPea Protein Powder, Organic 750g
Sold outPepitas, Organic 500gPepitas, Organic 500g
Pepitas, Organic 500g Sale price$15.25
Sunflower Kernels, Organic 450gSunflower Kernels, Organic 450g
super greens powder with aloe 80g tubjeanie making a batch of super greens powder
Terraflora Probiotics (60 caps)Terraflora Probiotics (60 caps)



Our best-seller, Blend 11 has helped thousands of people with digestive issues. Naturopath-formulated and CSIRO tested to support microbial fermentation and butyrate production, with hundreds of 5 star customer reviews, it's useful for anyone wanting to support healthy, comfortable digestion. Suitable for coeliacs or those on a low FODMAP diet as part of their IBS management plan, and for anyone needing to “give their colon a big cuddle” with some diverse, fermentable fibre.




Struggling to find nutritious, delicious food the whole family will love? The goodMix range offers something for everyone! 100% natural, mostly organic, premium-quality products that support optimal health and wellness. Our vegan friendly, gluten free range is recommended by health professionals.

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The state of your gut influences EVERY other aspect of your health (your energy levels, your metabolism, your hormones, your immune system, your mood and mental clarity etc). So when we do small things to support our gut health and function, we can feel big changes in many areas! Good food = good gut = feel good. Our breakfast blends, greens powder, ball and burger mixes will keep you nourished and energised throughout the day (without the hassle of preparing it all from scratch) Give your gut some love & feel the difference!

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foods you should aviod on the low fodmap diet for beginners
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