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Quick Easy Healthy Yummy

Real (yummy) food, for the Busy & Time-poor Families, the Fussy kids, the Healthfreaks, the Hippies, the Gym-Junkies, the Digestively-unwell & the Average Joe & Joanne looking to eat healthier!

  • GoodMix Lunchbox Friendly Ballbags

    Lunchbox Friendly BallBags

    Everything you love about the original BallBags, now without nuts and you only need a little water (or fresh squeezed juice) to bind the mixture (no melty oil = better for long days at school). They are so easy to mould the kids can roll them themselves! Available in Fruity ONLY now,  Choccy & Caramel flavours have been voted out by kids (can’t fool ’em that easy, doh!)


  • GoodMix-breakfast-bowl-bg


    Super-breakfast / smoothie booster. Best Poos Ever = happy digestive system. Gluten free,  FODMAP friendly, live enzymes, good fat, protein, fibre, no sugar… Always activate overnight.


  • goodmix-healthy-seed-mix


    Decadent & satisfying raw cacao protein ball premix! All the hard work is done, just add coconut oil & roll into whatever shape required – no mess, no machines, no expensive shopping list or dodgy recipes! Choose from grass fed Aussie whey protein (100% natural WPC) or organic, fermented pea protein (vegan), both gluten free. Get creative & add your own flavour twists!


  • PondWater


    PondWater is 4 of the most potent Supergreens + Aloe Vera (all organic, with NOTHING else added) in a convenient powder supplement. Designed to add to green smoothies, fresh juices, shakes or just combine with water (& a squeeze of lemon / lime) to drink.


  • NeoBlend


    A fruitier, nuttier, Paleo-friendly version of our original breakfast ‘Blend11’. It has similar nutritional qualities, but is completely grain free. Like the Blend11, you must activate overnight.


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What people think about goodMix:

  • I love the stuff.  I usually make up a small cup in the evening which makes up a serving for me the next morning.. its really filling so you don't need that much.. One big bag can last me one month plus

    Mahani Abdullah

  • Just had another dose of goodMix this morning and need to say YUMMOOOOOO~!!!!!!!
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    Arthur Edwards

  • PS.  FYI we came across your product at the Wednesday afternoon market in Brisbane last week and bought a sampler pack, so now we are hooked.

    Helen L

    via Email
  • I have previously purchased your great breakfast cereal at the Coolangatta markets and another time since then.  My husband is going down to Lismore this Wednesday 13th August and was wondering if there was somewhere down the coast where he can buy a bag of your product as I have run out.  I really miss it, when it's gone!

    Mary Butcher

    via Email
  • Had the pleasure of tasting today with coconut yoghurt at the Marina Mirage Markets. Was amazing!! Purchased a pack :-) nice meeting you guys.

    Andrew Daniel

goodMix Superfoods

goodMix Superfoods

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