The Detox Bundle

...Helping you through the silly season

New year, New you? Too easy!

We've put together the ultimate detox bundle to help get you on track after the festive season. Available in 3 different sizes, all including FREE delivery as well as our FREE detox plan.

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Does my body need a detox?

Big weekends, the kids, bad diets, the kids, crazy work hours, the kids, and everything in between. You might not have had time to realize, but there is a good chance your body is just screaming out for a little detox.

We’ve made it super-easy. Go through this list & if you answer yes to any of these, you could benefit from our easy detox programme.

goodMix is for healthy futures

Delicious Real Food, for Busy & Time-poor Families, the Fussy kids, the Health Freaks, the Hippies, the Gym-Junkies, the Digestively-unwell & the Average Joe & Joanne looking to eat healthier! Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

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Naturopath Formulated

Every ingredient is nutrient dense, and chosen for a reason.

Good poos and healthy guts

Gut health is so important to our overall well-being and we often ignore the signs of a clearly unhealthy gut. If you suffer from problems with your gut health or movements, then a healthy blend of superfoods might just be the food-medicine remedy you are looking for. 

The proof is in the pooing!

Alana Roy

"Hate it when I'm not prepared and run out of my Blend 11. If you're considering buying this product and think it's expensive then don't worry. It lasts for ages because you don't need a lot. Always get my breakie stuff ready night before. Soak with a little water, add an organic banana and use organic vanilla soy. Absolutely love breakfast time. And it works! Thanks for a great product! So pleased it's easy to pick up."

-via Facebook

Melissa Hunt

"Most delicious blend you will ever eat! And it's made locally on the Gold Coast. Love supporting Gold Coast businesses especially when the product is so yummy. So awesome that it really does give you the best poo's!!!"

-via Facebook

Jessica Mason

"I've been using the blend 11 and ball bags since the start of 2015. I've replaced chocolate with the protein balls and they have made my life completely different for the good. I have been recommending this product to a lot of people and all of my friends are now hooked. I look forward to my market days now when I restock!!"

-via Facebook