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Article: Healthy Porridge Blend

Healthy Porridge Blend

Healthy Porridge Blend

Mix and blend your Blend 11 for a warming, nutritious, creamy cinnamon porridge.



  • 70g (3 heaped Tbl activated) Blend 11, activated overnight
  • 30g (2 heaped Tbl) rolled brown rice
  • 150g coconut milk (or preferred milk or portion of milk and water)
  • 1/2 - 1 tspn cinnamon
  • 1/2 tspn mesquite powder
  • 1 tspn coconut oil
  • 2 tspns rice syrup (optional/preferred sweetener)
  • Vanilla extract, dash


Blend your activated Blend 11 in the thermomix/blender speed 7 few seconds, scrape down and blend again. You just want to pulverise to refine the texture for a more smooth porridge.

Add rolled brown rice, milk, cinnamon, mesquite, oil, syrup, vanilla.

Cook on a gentle heat - Thermomix 70 deg/reverse/soft stir/10 mins.

Adjust cooking time to quantities, and if you are in a super hurry or want a hotter porridge you can increase the temp to 80 deg and the rolled rice will cook in around 8 mins.

Options & substitutes... Warmed activated Blend 11 without the rolled rice is delicious too. Adjust the quantities by increasing Blend 11, and reducing the milk, say 1:1. Choose to blend or leave in its original texture.

Substitute rolled Quinoa or rolled oats if you can tolerate oats, for the rolled rice.

Serving suggestions... extra cinnamon, toasted coconut flakes, hemp seeds, sliced banana, extra coconut milk.

Alternate (simplified) method for the morning rush... Take 1/2 cup Blend 11, dry... and using Bamix blender, grind til fine. Throw in bowl with couple tablespoons flakes or oats, add liquids and remaining ingredients except coconut oil maybe. Cover. Refrigerate. Warm gently your bowl of activated porridge blend in a saucepan in the morning.

Serves approx
1 (approx one serve) Thanks Kerry for this wonderful recipe!

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