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How to activate (soak) your mix

Activation - Blend 11 & Blend 13


  1. Moisten 1 cup of Blend11 or Blend13 with a half a cup of water (no need to drain, the seeds will drink it up)
  2. Mix thoroughly, so seeds are all moistened, then pat or press down with your spoon & leave overnight (bench or fridge)
  3. Serve in the morning with berries / fruit / in smoothies or shakes / with yoghurt (or try some goodMix recipes!)

Average adult serve = two heaped tablespoons of activated mix. This will vary - experiment to find your own 'ideal serve'.

Moist mix will last up to 3 days in the fridge before beginning to deteriorate, & 8 hrs is a good initial soak time for the ingredients in this mix.

Don't limit yourself to just breakfast - these blends also make a great morning tea, snack, lunch or dessert!

Learn more about activation & how to prepare your seed blends.