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Article: Orange & Cinnamon Air Fryer Buns

orange and cinnamon buns with butter smeared on top

Orange & Cinnamon Air Fryer Buns

These Orange and Cinnamon buns are like a healthier version of the hot cross bun but can be enjoyed anytime, not just at Easter.


Dry Ingredients:

  • sorghum flour 100g
  • tapioca starch 50g
  • Besan flour 50g
  • psyllium powder (1/2 metric 5mL tsp)
        (note - you could substitute all the above ingredients for 200g of any GF flour blend).
        • plain / unflavoured faba bean or pea protein powder 50g
        • hempseed 20g
        • chia seed 10g
        • coconut sugar 2 Tblsp
        • cinnamon 2 round tsp
        • nutmeg 1/2 a flat tsp
        • bicarb soda 1 round tsp

          Wet Ingredients

          • 2 large eggs
          • 2 heaped Tblsp of Blend 11 (soaked)
          • 2 Tblsp honey
          • 50 ml coconut oil
          • juice & zest of 1/2 an orange1/2 cup of currants
          • 2 well ripened bananas, mashed well with a fork

          orannge and cinnamon buns with butter on top



          1. Measure all dry ingredients into a bowl & mix until combined.
          2. Add wet ingredients & mix to make a dough.
          3. Spoon blobs onto a baking paper lined air fryer tray.
          4. Set heat to 180-200 degrees & bake until golden brown on top, then flip & bake until the bottom is also golden brown.

          Serve hot, cold or reheated (with lots of butter!)

          Tip: Add an icing or white choc ‘cross’ for Easter time, these are like healthier hot cross buns!

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