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Article: Beef & Veggie Patties

beef and veggie patties made with burger mix

Beef & Veggie Patties

This is perfect for people who love a good beef burger but want to lose the bun & incorporate more veggies into their diet. Also great if you’re catering to different dietary preferences in the one household. You can make meat eater patties & vegan patties in one hit! Hint - use seperate bowls & cook the vegan patties first!




  • 1x Burger Mix 400g
  • 200ml water
  • 50ml olive oil
  • 500g beef mince
  • 100-300g grated veg (however much you like as long as the mix will stick together / form a pattie). I used grated zucchini & chopped mushrooms.



Just follow the directions on back of pack (add water, olive oil & fresh grated veggies), then add mince to the ‘dough’ as well - & you’ll probably want some extra salt & pepper to taste.

Note - to make seperate vegan & meat patties, simply divide your ‘burger dough’ in half then add mince to only one bowl. (Use approx the same weight in mince as the packet of burger mix). As long as your patties will squash into shape, they’ll cook beautifully on a BBQ, fry pan, sandwich press or try ‘meatballs’ in the air fryer.

Serve with salad greens etc. Pictured here with:
  • fresh garden greens
  • fried egg
  • mushrooms & cherry tomatoes fried in butter
  • roast pumpkin cubes
  • beetroot chunks
  • balsamic vinegar / glaze

Makes: 10-20 patties (depending how much mince & veg you’re adding & what size you make the patties).

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