Pineapple, Celery, Mint & Ginger Green Smoothie


I hate wasting celery tops, they’re so nutritious (yet also so annoying taking up room in the fridge)! So I always try to make these green smoothies to a) use the celery tops & b) make room in the fridge, & c) cram another serve of greens into my day! Note – this can be a bit bitter/fibrous if you’re not used to it / haven’t got a great blender, but is totally amazing if you get the ratio of ingredients right for your taste & it’s well blended. This is my fave smoothie combo to add Greens + Aloe powder into.


½ a small pineapple or a few rounds of a large one, chopped into chunks (can use frozen or fresh).
1x Lebanese cucumber
A few good handfuls of celery tops (one big bunch should make approx 4-5 smoothies like this)
Mint, a handful or just a little (to your taste)
Ginger knob – approx 1st joint of thumb size or to taste
Turmeric knob – approx 1st joint of thumb size or to taste
Greens + aloe powder – 2-3 teaspoons
Approx 250 mL of water
Some ice to chill


I just throw it all into my Vitamix blender, but this will also work in a bullet, etc. Blend it longer rather than shorter, so that all the celery leaves are finely chopped & you have a nice smoothie that has a great mix of bitterness, sweetness, ginger zing & minty freshness! Obviously, you can alter the ratios to taste (ie for a sweeter smoothie add more pineapple). This smoothie should be approx 1 litre, I either share it or pour into a 1L glass bottle & drink over 1-2 days.

Serves Approx

2-3 smoothies

Thank you to Jeanie for this recipe!

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