Cereal Killers – Don’t Let Them Into The House!! May 24, 2017

Cereal Killers-2

So I was in the supermarket cereal aisle this week (research purposes only), a place I haven’t visited in almost 5 yrs – since I’ve been making & eating Blend11.

It surprised & shocked me that all the old rubbish cereals are still actually there on the shelf!! Even with the increased health & sugar awareness now out there in Australia, people seemingly continue to buy what is nutritionally very much like ‘lollies’ for their kids to eat for breakfast! How is it possible that this message hasn’t gotten through to everyone yet?!

An impressive-looking 800g boxful (well 2/3rds full if you’re lucky) of air, sugar & refined carbohydrates (sugar arranged differently) plus often a pile of added chemicals to make it look & taste a bit more interesting…that is the average box of cereal…yuck. And the ‘healthy ones’ are just missing the chemical additives & some of the sugar – often with synthetic vitamins added – but they’re still just highly processed, nutritionally empty, refined  grains.   

Don’t fall for the marketing people, you’re being completely scammed – & you just can’t start the day on this stuff & expect to feel good & function well. There is almost nothing useful in that big impressive box…you eat it, it quickly turns into energy (way more than you’ll need unless competing in an Iron Man event within 15mins of finishing the bowl, & trust me NO self-respecting iron men actually eat that stuff) which gets converted straight into fat, with bugger-all else left behind for you to use (i.e. the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre, protein, omegas etc of real food that your body desperately needs to run on)!

You wouldn’t sit the family down to a plate of lollies for dinner – totally unacceptable parenting – yet so many are still serving this stuff up for breakfast. Very sad, & no wonder the kids are always starving, it’s because they literally are starving – they’re missing out on the nutrition needed to grow & develop properly!

Click the pic to see the full recipe

Here’s a breakfast recipe that is creamy-caramelly-bananary-yumminess, but actually supplies the goodness needed for a properly functioning human body! (How’s that for a new concept at breakfast time?) Try serving this on the cooler mornings – oat & buckwheat porridge is super economical, & buckwheat contains more protein & nutrients than regular oat porridge too. If anyone complains about the new texture, just blend the porridge before you heat it – they’ll never even know you’ve added the buckwheat ;)

Love to hear your thoughts on cereals – & your fave ways to make porridge exciting…Jeanie X