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somone sitting clutching stomach pondering the causes of bloating

Suffering From Bloating? Possible Causes & Naturopathic Tips To Help

Bloating = “a sense of gassiness, or being distended, an uncomfortable build up of gassy or fluidy pressure in the abdomen”. Fermentation & a reasonable amount of gas production are totally...

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woman sitting on sand drinking water

Naturopathic Support For Menopausal Vaginal Dryness

Due to popular demand, this is a follow on from my recent perimenopause blog: You may wish to read that ...

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diverticulitis highlighted in dictionary: some natural treatment tips

Diverticulitis - Some Naturopathic Tips

Every week I hear this sentence or something like it, from disappointed market customers as they pick up a bag of Blend11: ‘oh I can’t eat seeds, I have diverticulosis, no best poos ever for me th...

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benefits of green powder with greens+ aloe in a bottle

Benefits of green powder & who will benefit most from Greens+Aloe?

Your main reason for using green powders will influence your choice of products. If you don’t eat a lot of fruit & veggies, maybe a greens with powdered fruit & veg would be a decent optio...

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group meditating to support mental health

12 Natural Strategies To Support Your Mental Health

Most of us struggle with life's challenges from time to time. Finding techniques to help us navigate these stressful periods will be hugely beneficial for your general health. I've put together 12...

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menopausal weight gain & how to avoid it

Menopausal Weight Gain: What's Happening & How To Avoid It

As a 42 year old female, I’m getting to the end of my reproductive years & will soon be entering the realm of menopause. Well perimenopause first, which is the 2-10years of hormonal changes le...

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healthyier toast with avocado and egg

Toast for Breakfast Vs Toast for Breakfast: Healthier ways to do toast!

Coming into the cooler weather, we’re often wanting some warm options for breakfast - toast being a quick & easy fave. When a naturopath takes your case history, we’ll want to know what your t...

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hands clutching knee in pain

Naturopathic Tips For Pain Relief & Management

Pain: ‘highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury’…suffering, agony, torture, affliction, torment, discomfort. Pain is a part of all of our lives, to a greater or lesser degr...

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Microba Competition

Microba Competition

Woohoo! It’s competition time, & this one is a good one. 2 lucky winners will receive an Insight™ test kit from Microba for their FREE MICROBIOME ANALYSIS!!! If you’ve ever wondered w...

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silhouette with arms outstretched as sun sets

Sunshine as medicine (it’s not just the vitamin D!)

My mind was blown by this You Tube clip with new science on the massive benefits of sunlight exposure for viral infections & pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE (warning, it’s about 2 hrs long, & ...

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