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Article: Why Am I Always Constipated Over The Holidays?

woman sitting on loo with holiday constipation

Why Am I Always Constipated Over The Holidays?

So the typical January ‘I feel fat / toxic / out of whack / lethargic / ate too much / drank too much / still recovering’ new year orders are really flowing in & markets are still crazy busy! We've had so many questions about holiday constipation but also so much positive feedback coming in & people are referring to friends & family they’ve connected with over Xmas - thank you so much for your silly season support!! As a small business, it literally keeps us going! The whole goodMix team feel super-honoured to be able to help you with your ‘post holiday gut rehab’ & keep you on track to reach your health goals this year.


Did anyone get constipated over the holidays & did it put a dampener on things? This is SUPER common, especially in females! I spoke to many of you at the markets, so thought a few tips for next time could help (so you can understand it, plan ahead / not let it happen again!)


Holiday Constipation - Main Causes & Tips to Prevent!

Sitting for long periods:

Going away on holidays often involves sitting for extended periods (a recipe for holiday constipation, especially when combined with dehydration, aeroplane or take away food!)

How to combat:

  • drink plenty of water
  • try to make a point of ‘going’ before you leave home & at any stops where you get a chance
  • stop frequently for a decent ‘body movement break’ if you are driving (be sure to get up for a walk / twist / stretch on buses / trains / planes whenever the opportunity arises).


Dietary changes:

Daily ice-creams & gelatos, eating out for dinner, big breakfasts, more booze than normal, relaxing or ditching your normal dietary ‘rules’…holiday food mode = changes to your gut ecosystem / gut lining & the way everything moves, functions & feels = holiday constipation.

How to combat:

  • pack & take some Blend11 or Blend13 with you to help support fermentation & microbial diversity (also Greens + Aloe / Terra Flora etc) or pop in to one of our markets!
  • remember when eating out to order the ‘least reactive’ options from the menu when you can (ie if your system normally works better on GF / DF or Low FODMAP, remember to say so when placing your order, or take some supplies with you if staying with friends / family).
  • make sure you have alcohol free days to give time for gut & liver recovery (back to back party days can be very damaging / difficult to get back to normal!)
  • choose the least reactive beverages (ie avoid the creamy cocktails, beer, wine etc - most people find a clear spirit with sparkling water & a dash of lemon or lime etc to be well tolerated, & also the lowest in sugar).

Routine / Body Clock:

The daily routine goes out the window on holidays (no more alarm clocks, deadlines, squeezing regular am & pm exercise in, normal meal times, getting to bed on time)…which means our body feels suddenly ‘lost’ or a bit out of whack (our digestive system thrives on routine, making holiday spontanaeity its enemy!)

How to combat:

  • be conscious that your body (& especially your gut) loves routine
  • try to stick to a semi-regular bed time & rising time
  • get some regular daily exercise, even if it’s just a floor / mat routine in your room, a swim, some yoga or a beach walk, dancing at all the parties if you’re up for it!
  • try to catch a sunset / sunrise wherever you can to help with your circadian rhythm
  • avoid eating too late at night & go easy on the snacking between meals


Holidays are not always 100% relaxation - they can be super stressful with organising travel arrangements, packing everything, pet & house care, squeezing in all the catch ups, re-igniting old family tensions & traumas, gift buying, financial pressure, navigating crowded places, lost luggage etc etc!

How to combat:

  • be aware that you can be stressed leading up to & while on holidays, tune in to how you are feeling & take time out when you need.
  • share your overwhelm with partner / kids / travel buddies so they can assist / understand
  • ensure you have some ‘portable’ stress management strategies (book a massage / treatment, nature walks, daily meditation, read a book, watch a movie, long slow breaths etc)
  • take ‘time out’ from people if you need that (let family / friends know if this is important for you, it’s different for everyone). Extroverts can be with others much more than introverts, who need space to recharge / get centred.

Bathroom Situation / privacy:

Most people (esp us females) find it easier to poo at home, in the comfort & privacy of our own bathroom. When sharing accomodation / if the place lacks space & privacy, we often simply ‘can’t go’! Not so terrible for a short overnight stay, but on holidays this can be awful!

How to combat:

  • take shared bathrooms into consideration when booking / organising where to stay (if you are going to be uncomfortable, the holiday will not be as enjoyable, it’s worth factoring in a private bathroom!)
  • try a relaxing daily morning / evening walk, & if there is an uncrowded public loo along the way this can be a great stop off!
  • try to keep a routine & use familiar triggers to get your bowel moving, despite the nervous system saying no (ie a morning coffee or breakfast or workout followed by some relaxed downtime, on your own if possible).

Changes in activity / movement:

No daily movement can = no daily movements! Yes you are on holidays, yes you are allowed to chill - but you’ll feel sooo much better if you incorporate some fun movement into your holiday routine! Aim not to spend the entire time lounging, lying, sitting, eating & sleeping!

How to combat:

  • play with any available kids, you’ll be the ‘fun relative’
  • explore the area (walk / hike / jog / bike / find a local class)
  • swim / surf / paddle board / kayak / watersports if these appeal
  • You tube exercise videos, just squeeze 20 mins in whenever you can.

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