Blend 11: The Original Breakfast Booster


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151 reviews for Blend 11: The Original Breakfast Booster

  1. I’ve been using Blend 11 daily, and am absolutely loving it! It’s so tasty, full of good stuff, and gives me a healthy satisfied feeling. I have mine with fruit and yogurt as a mid-morning or afternoon snack. I especially love the coconut pieces and the cacao nibs! It’s been so good for my digestion and gut health. The soaking ensures it’s easily digested and the texture is enjoyable.
    I’ve also been using the Terraflora probiotic, which may also be contributing to the overall improvement in my digestive health.

  2. I love Blend 11 – this is my brekkie everyday with berries and yoghurt – rate it 100%. Bliss ball mix is great too.

  3. I purchased the Blend 11 on recommendation from my GP. Not only does this taste yummy (mixed with Greek yoghurt and some berries) but it has made a huge difference to my digestion and bloating. Love it 👍🏼👍🏼

  4. I’ve been using Blend 11 for several months now. I usually will get 3 packs of the 1.3kg at once and it lasts me a few months. I feel it is one of the healthiest parts of my diet. I have it every day for breakfast. Usually I mix it in with other granola products, yoghurt, and fresh fruits. Sometimes I mix it in with porridge and fresh fruit. I have given some samples to friends as well. I love Blend 11!

  5. I use Blend 11 every morning for breakfast, just mix with cereal or yoghurt and fruit. Fantastic product. I noticed almost right away that my digestive system stabilised and I felt really well.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE Blend 11.
    It’s the best breakfast I have ever had.
    As a new mum, it’s the perfect start to my day!

  7. I can’t live without this blend! It has been a lifesaver as I have complex abdominal issues compounded by several surgeries. This stuff is the bomb for keeping things moving and it tastes great!
    It’s also so versatile. Make it into a slice or mix it through yogurt or smoothies. Your gut will love it! 😊

  8. It’s the best, I’ve been adding about a 1/4 Cup to a bowl of blue berries, strawberries a banana grapefruit in season and sugar free coconut yogurt. I never tire of the delicious mixture to start my day. It definitely lifts my energy vibes making a great difference in mind and body. Soon expecting my 78th birthday, I am eternally grateful for finding this healthy wake up booster. Thank you Jean

  9. Love the products I’ve purchased so far. I have Blend 11 with my yoghurt every morning which is so nutritious and filling … love it. I’ve also purchased the Bliss Ball mix which I’m making up tomorrow (can’t wait) and the Burger Mix which will be used to prepare tomorrow night’s dinner! Yum! Also love that GoodMIX is an Aussie company!

  10. OMG!!! Best products ever!!! I alternate between Blend 11 & 13 and sometimes mix the two 🙌🏼 So yummy 😋 great wholesome ingredients… can’t wait to try more of their incredible products…. I’m sold ☺️

  11. I purchased the Blend 11 mix and haven’t looked back. It’s a fantastic start to the day. I add coconut yogurt and blueberries. Incredibly delicious. I will now be investing in other products offered. Thank you.

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