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170 reviews for Blend 11: The Original Breakfast Booster

  1. I’ve been using God Mix for years. Purchasing firstly from the markets, then some Health Food stores.
    Now I just buy it online, save on postage, making shopping for awesome healthy fibre a no brainer.
    I love the Bliss Ball Mix, a great balance, and not too sweet.

  2. I recently purchased goodMIX Blend11 for the first time and absolutely love it! I now enjoy it most mornings with coconut yoghurt and fresh berries for a delicious, nutritious and filling breakfast. It is an awesome way to start my day!

  3. I simply love goodMIX nuts and seeds, such a complete product that is so easy to use. My husband has never been keen on seeds but has found goodMIX really tasty and easy to eat after soaking. Jeanie was also easy to contact and very helpful. We highly recommend the company and the product. We are looking forward to trying more in the range.

  4. I started buying Goodmix Blend 11 as I was experiencing a very sensitive gut and a clean diet alone was not enough to relieve my symptoms. I was so relieved to find a product that shared clear research around its design and use and was Low FODMAP certified by Monash. Blend 11 has been a game changer for me. The advertising is spot on! My gut is so much better when I have it, and I can even tolerate small amounts of some trigger foods that used to give me so much pain and bloating. I am less bloated and I’m sleeping better since I have started on this product. I highly recommend trying Blend 11 if you suffer gut related symptoms.

  5. I purchased goodmix blend 11 from the markets in Byron Bay while on holidays. Since starting this product I’ve noticed healthier regular bowel movements which feels fantastic. I love that you can add it to many things & it just adds texture & flavour without spoiling what your eating. So far I’m happy with this product. Thanks Jen :-)

  6. I have tried the Goodmix blend 11 and the burger mix and love them both. Great quality products with fantastic health benefits to support the gut. I also enjoy the many recipe ideas on the Goodmix website. Highly recommend. 😋💕

  7. Love it , my guts does too !
    Just recently purchased the blend 11 & looking forward to try the burger mix ! Hubby and I used to sell good mix in markets ourselves in Fremantle & recommended to all our friends and family, unfortunately due to some lifestyle/ travel commitments we couldn’t carry on with the selling process however still love the product and keep it as a staple in our pantry . Thanks Jeanie & brad for this introduction to great organic food 💚

  8. I have tried Blend 11 & Bliss Balls so far and love both but cannot go a day without my Blend 11. It tastes great and I feel great.

  9. We love the Blend 11 and the Blend 13
    We first came across GoodMix at Noosa markets, and so glad we did.
    I have also tried their Burger Mix and Greens+Aloe
    Love them all they not only taste good but are good for you

  10. The goodMIX definitely works. I now include it in my daily diet and it keeps my tummy happy. The added bonus is it is also a delicious addition to my afternoon yogurt and berry snack.

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