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136 reviews for Blend11: The Original Breakfast Booster

  1. I cannot recommend this product enough and about to order my second batch. This is a game changer for me. I have this served with natural yogurt and seasonal berries.
    Love this, Thankyou

  2. Can’t live without “Blend 11”! I have been making Jane’s Bird Seed Loaf from the website recipe’s which I always have on hand now as a healthy snack. It is delicious and super easy to make. I also start the day with yoghurt and blend 11. Love this mix!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE goodMIX’s Greens & Aloe powder! It’s by far the yummyest greens powder I’ve tried, and combined with the Blend 11, are going a long way to repopulate my gut with the healthy bacteria to keep my overall health in great condition! I’ve been battling to imporve my gut health for a couple of years now, since beginning with perimenopause symptoms… I cut out dairy ages ago and began to feel better, more recently I’ve cut out wheat too…more imporvements. It’s only since cutting out alcohol and taking the greens & aloe & blend 11 that I’ve noticed huge increases in my overall wellbeing. As well as enegry levels and great poops, my anxiety levels have imporved too. The body is a whole, the gut affects mood, and the other way round. THANK YOU goodMIX for helping me on my journey!

  4. I saw Blend 11 at the markets and hadn’t noticed it before. I saw others buying it and thought mmm I need a closer look. After being diagnosed with IBS a few years ago, having Bowel issues and a bug in my gut which took 12 mths to alleviate, I have always been looking/trying to improve my digestive habits to ensure my bowel is healthy and after being told my gut takes a while to process certain types of food I knew I needed a product that I would be able to trust moving forward. Well I have to say some products offer to deliver certain things and some just never hit the mark, but this product Blend 11 will be a constant in my future dietary requirements! It’s amazing and took only 3 days for my system to kick in and start feeling the benefits. I just love it and have to have it every day! Congrats on developing such an amazing product, if you haven’t tried it yet then don’t waste anymore time , do it!

  5. I’m 56 years old and have problems with regular bowel movements,I seen this ad on fb and decided to try the blend 11 ,absolutely love it and is everything and more that it claims.So many uses and so nutritional, I’ve even used it in caramel chew bars and my husband loved them and he seriously won’t touch anything really healthy.
    Ive been experimenting using the blend 11 in different recipes and love it.

    Ive also used the balls mix and experimented in different recipes.As a confessed chocoholic it hits the spot and so nutritious and full of fibre also.Fantastic to keep them in freezer and take a couple out when the urge comes on especially late afternoon.

    I’m also using the green aloe powder daily , easy to drink and makes me feel clean all through my gut, great energy booster too.A must in my daily routine.

    Since using these products I’m feeling much healthier inside and out.
    Definitely will keep purchasing these , highly recommend.

  6. Highly recommend goodMIX, especially if your thinking of improving your health and diet. They have a range of products to choose from. My favourite is the Blend11 which is simple and easy to start incorporating into your breakfast, just mix with a bit of yoghurt and your off!

  7. I purchased Blend 11 and 13 at the Byron Bay market after my husband jokingly pointed at the ‘best poo ever’ sign and said this was for me! I’ve suffered with constipation my entire adult life and have tried everything in the market with little to no success. I love the breakfast mix with berries and coconut yoghurt and have been pooping daily ever since :) made the burgers tonight on the bbq and they too are delicious. I look forward to placing my order when back in Victoria 🙏

  8. I’ve been using the good MIX blend11 for three years now, I wouldn’t start my day without it! I absolutely love this product and it delivers what is says, I’m so much happier and lighter. Thank you you guys

  9. I first purchased Blend11 at Eumundi markets when I was on holiday in April. I have had digestive issues most of my life, and tried an assortment of products. What harm in trying one more!
    Well, what a pleasant surprise! Not only did this product do as it said it would, but it tastes great too. I look forward to my Blend 11 & yoghurt every morning, and my tummy stays happy all day. Thank you goodMix

  10. Instantly fell in love with the product and it’s maker after meeting her at the market and sampling the product. Regularity and improved gut health ensued! Blend 11 is delicious with coconut yogurt and immediately diverted my breakfast choices to a healthier, more sustainable option. Bravo! Great, affordable product.

  11. I’m impressed with Blend 11! So easy to use and glad I watched the video on your website so I know how easy it is to keep made up in the fridge. Super tasty, super filling, super easy to use – it’s definitely a super food! Yummy in porridge and in yoghurt 😄 Was easy to use your website and arrived quickly – thank you.

  12. My hubby and I are simply in love with the Good mix Blend11. It’s our go to morning snack with some coconut yoghurt to ensure we have our “best daily poop ever”. So much gut loving goodness in one delicious serve…

  13. Blend 13 and Blend 11 are both fabulous. Breakfast with these products is a great way to set you up for the day. No mid morning hunger pangs.
    Excellent communication from the company and fast shipping.
    Highly recommended.

  14. Love this stuff! The Blend 11 and 13 is perfect for so many things. Cereal topper, chia pudding texture and Musli bars.
    I’m gluten intolerant and it’s so hard to find something that tastes great and is well priced. Love that it’s Australian made aswell 😉
    I also bulk make the burger patties in the sandwich press and freeze them so I can have a little savory snack every afternoon

  15. Blend 11 is amazing!!!! I either have constipation or diarrhoea and it drives me nuts! Best poops I have ever done thanks to Blend 11!!!!! I have literally told people about it… so happy! I admire my poops these days and give myself a subtle high five each morning!

  16. I few months ago I tried Blend 11, bliss balls and super greens and now I can’t live without it! It tastes delicious, it’s easy to make and very nutritious. Highly Recommend!

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