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Article: Suffering From Blend11 Boredom??

Suffering From Blend11 Boredom??

Suffering From Blend11 Boredom??

Feeling great in the gut but getting tired of the ‘same old same old’ Blend11 breakfast?? Don’t let your bowel-boosting tonic get boring!! Check these recipes out! Our creative customers have shown us that Blend11 is pretty damn versatile! From smoothies to salads, as a topping for porridge, acai bowls or even sprinkled over eggs! In with your regular muesli as a booster, served with something sweet for dessert……made into healthy breads, bars, balls, cakes,’re limited only by your imagination (ok maybe your budget & bowel tolerance come into it a bit too)! But definitely don’t settle for boring!

Try one of these next time you’re in a food rut!


Winter or not, bring warmth to your table with this epic salad. It makes a sensational side… accompanied by grilled wild caught fish, this Cauliflower salad is also rather complete in itself!

Thai Peanut Pesto

The Blend11 is so versitle and adds some serious dense macro nutrients to this pesto!!

Best Ever BLEND11 Bread

A tweak on the amazing My New Roots ‘Life Changing Loaf of Bread’ recipe using goodMix’s Blend11

Raw Jaffa Mud Cake

Muscle Building Smoothie

This smoothie recipe is filling, high in protein & good fats, plenty of carbs, with maca & Brazils as a special boost for the blokes. Make a choc version by adding a few teaspoons of raw cacao powder.

‘Best Poos Ever’ – Bircher

Prunes, pears, prebiotic fibre, cinnamon, probiotic yoghurt…if this combo doesn’t move things along gently, nothing will!

And here’s a new recipe idea!

Breakkie-brunch Jars.

Healthy breakkie on top, morning tea treat on the bottom. You can eat the top for breakfast, then screw the lid back on & keep the bottom for morning tea! Make a few of these on Sunday evening, ready to start the work week off with breakfast & morning tea sorted! Or maybe these could be your perfect ‘post-workout jars’?

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