Chocolate Chai Protein Balls


An easy & delicious way to get more antioxidants into your day! The spices in Chai are amazing for you (& they give a subtle exotic twist to your regular choc protein balls)! Perfect for a treat anytime of day!


1x Vegan Bliss Ball Mix 750g
4x Chai tea bags
1/3 cup of water
1 tbsp coconut oil (optional – use an extra splash of water if you don’t have / like coconut oil)


Boil the kettle & steep 3-4 chai tea bags in 1/3 cup of water (approx 15mins, covered). I used Nerada Organics which worked really well – but you can use your fave Chai.
Tip your BallBag mix, & the 1/3 cup of chai tea & coconut oil into a large bowl. Be sure to squeeze every last drop from your tea bags, as this is where the flavour / exotic spicy goodness is!
Work everything through with clean hands, until thoroughly mixed into a nice choc-chai ‘mud’.
Compress into balls, whatever size you like, roll in desiccated coconut & store in the freezer.

Serves Approx

30 x 30g balls

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