Save the Strawberries Smoothie

Strawberries are too good to be dumped over a few needles! Just chop them up & freeze, keep a stockpile in the freezer & keep making these amazing smoothies until you’ve reached strawberry overload.


(This will make a full blender, family-sized smoothie).
1/2 cup of activated Blend11
2 cups (or more) of frozen strawberries (buy heaps – just chop them up before freezing) always get organic if the budget can stretch (seconds or pre-frozen berries are often bargains & super tasty – perfect for smoothies)
2 or 3 frozen bananas, chopped
1/2 cup of water (more if you like a runnier smoothie)
2 scoops of plain protein powder of choice (plain, choc, coconut & vanilla will all work well)
1/2 cup (or more) of coconut yoghurt. Choc, vanilla or unsweetened are amazing in this, or use greek yoghurt if ok with dairy. Add extra yoghurt if you like a really creamy smoothie.
Vanilla essence to taste – a good splash
Optional extra – add some fresh beetroot for extra pinkness & a bonus hidden vegetable!)


1) Add everything into the blender (frozen fruit last)
2) Blend until well combined, pink & smooth
3) You can serve in a glass, a shaker bottle on the go, use as the base for a smoothie bowl, & pour any leftovers into ice-block moulds to freeze.

Serves Approx

4 big smoothies

Thank you to goodMix for this recipe!
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