Hempseed & Almond Crackers


A simple recipe to decrease the peppery kick in your Burger Mix (ideal for kids / sensitive palettes), plus it will add extra protein & nutrients making for some very filling crackers!


400g Burger Mix pack
50ml olive oil
200mL water
50g almond meal
50g hemp seeds
Baking paper & a rolling pin (for rolling out prior to baking).


1.Empty packet into a large bowl
2.Add hempseed & almond meal, mix until well combined
3.Add water & oil, mix well
4.Leave to sit for min 3 hours, or overnight in the fridge (the dry seeds in the mix will absorb all the moisture, making a nice thick dough). Don’t try to make the crackers without leaving mix to sit, they won’t work as well / will not stick.
5.Between 2 sheets of baking paper, roll your dough out evenly to a thickness of approx 2mm, using a rolling pin. For a 400g packet, you’ll need 2x oven trays.
6.Once you have an even 2mm thickness, peel away the top layer of paper & cut to desired shape (a pizza cutter is quick & easy, but you can also make any shapes using biscuit cutters!)
7.Bake in a low heat oven (approx 160-180 degrees for 40mins), then turn oven off & leave crackers in to dry out until crispy. They should snap / crack nicely when fully coked.

Serves Approx

2 oven trays of crackers (500g)

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