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BixMix: Vegan Gluten Free Crackers


BixMix is so versatile! Create delicious vegan gluten free crackers as well as vegan veggie patties with this premix.

400g – makes approx 2 oven-sized trays (watch the easy ‘how to make’ video below) of vegan gluten free crackers or approx 20 veggie burger patties!

Flavour: Middle Eastern Spice – a peppery felafel kind of taste.

  • For people who love their savoury nibbles…platters, dips, cheeses, nuts, olives etc – these will fit right into your healthy party platters or your everyday clean-eating lunchbox.
  • Gluten free crackers that are not just an empty carb ‘carrier’.
  • Super nutritious, grain free, protein & fibre rich, very filling, crunchy & delish – you can even make your own shapes & sizes! It’s really easy (not like making seed crackers from scratch)!


Just follow the video demo & refer to the directions on the pack. You can add your own extras if you like (think sundried tomatoes, herbs, chilli, extra onion / garlic / salt / pepper). Then choose your own fave healthy oil – or make them with no oil, that works too!

And if you own a sandwich press, you simply have to try PRESS PATTIES (go & buy a sandwich press if you don’t have one, they’re that good)!

Top with your faves

In a bowl, combine dry mix with 200ml of water, mix until evenly combined. Leave overnight in the fridge to thicken into a dough.

Add 50mL of oil when ready to make your Bix, knead through with hands. Roll dough evenly onto baking trays to a thickness of 1-2mm. (1 pack should cover 2 standard baking trays). Use baking paper to line trays & on top of dough to prevent sticking when rolling. Remove top sheet of paper & cut flattened dough into desired shapes.

Bake at 180 degrees for 25-30mins, or until Bix are nicely browned, hard & crunchy. WATCH OVEN CLOSELY AFTER 20MINS, BIX CAN BURN EASILY!

Once cooled, snap apart & store your Bix in an airtight container or jar for up to 2 weeks (they actually last longer but they’re always eaten pretty quickly!)

Gluten Free / Grain Free / Sugar Free / No Nasties / Naturopathic designed / Diverse fibre / Vegan friendly / Plant protein / 100% natural / Nutritious & filling


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