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Article: Toilet Training - Advanced Theory Lessons

Toilet Training - Advanced Theory Lessons

Toilet Training - Advanced Theory Lessons

It’s gotta start with the kids…

In the last few weeks I’ve spoken to a lot of people who’s gut problems either started during childhood, or to people who know kids with some pretty severe poo problems going on right now. I can’t help thinking that if everyone was taught a few basic ‘poo principles’ as very young kids - we could prevent a lot of trouble later on, both general poo trouble & the other health issues that stem from having poor gut function. One lovely lady I spoke to is lucky to poo once every 3-5 weeks. That’s WEEKS, not days. Her troubles began as a child, when she became self conscious / worried about doing number 2’s. She would put it off, just ignore the urge to go & (not knowing any better) continued this until her body eventually got the urge less & less. Now in her 40’s - she’s finally seeking treatment as she says she looks ‘pregnant’ & people often ask. Her very infrequent motions must escape through a solid tunnel of impacted faeces that permanently lines the wall of her bulging colon, which makes laxatives extremely painful to use. Even though she knows for her health’s sake that she must become more regular, the very thought of going every day (because she’s not used to it), sounds highly inconvenient. Will keep you posted as to what happens here - Blend11 may not be enough to undo this (she is also seeing a medical team). One happy Blend11 customer is regular now for the first time in her life (she’s in her 70’s!) This is also going to take some adjusting to, having to change the daily routine to accommodate her suddenly regular bowel movements. Another lady I spoke to recently had a long history of laxative dependence - since her early teens. She was prescribed one kind of laxative after another for years on end. She responds to none of them anymore & is understandably feeling very ‘stuck’. This is a VERY common story. Laxatives are designed to help loosen / soften / move things when you’re desperate - they are NOT a plan for the long term management of constipation, unless it’s a last resort due to required medication / injuries etc. I speak to many, many parents with constipated kids, & some do not realise that it can lead to serious issues later on if not dealt with quickly. (possible consequences of longterm constipation) The important thing is to make sure you are aware of your children’s bowel habits (so that you notice when something isn’t right) & that your kids really understand how it all works from the youngest age possible. Teach them to take notice of their poos, & that they shouldn’t hold them in (once in awhile won’t kill anyone, but this is a really, really bad habit to get into). PRINT OUT THIS CHART FOR THE TOILET WALL / DOOR, & LEAVE IT THERE UNTIL ALL YOUR KIDS KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY SHOULD BE DOING (OR POOING) EACH DAY, & THE MANY REASONS THEY MIGHT GO OFF TRACK. YOU COULD SAVE THEM FROM A HEAP OF PAIN, STRESS & MONEY LATER ON IN LIFE. YOUR VISITORS WILL GET A GOOD LAUGH (& POSSIBLY AN EDUCATION) TOO :)


Watch out for….

Things that can mess with your bowel habits - be extra kind to your tummy if any of these things are happening
  1. gastro bugs (vomiting & diarrhoea)
  2. medications
  3. antibiotics
  4. stress
  5. travelling
  6. being out all day
  7. not doing much exercise
  8. new people in the house
  9. new school

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