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Article: How To Activate Nuts And Seeds

how ro activate nuts and seeds

How To Activate Nuts And Seeds

You've probably heard of 'activated' nuts & seeds by now (most health shops have them), but you may still be wondering what activated nuts are, how to activate your nuts and seeds, what makes them so special and why they're so darn expensive!

What Are Activated Nuts And Seeds?

Activated nuts and seeds have been soaked in water to trigger the germination process, making them easier to digest and actually increasing the nutritional value that we get from eating them. Soaking nuts and seeds stimulates enzymatic activity within the seed. The phytic acid is also neutralised to some degree. Even the nutritional profile will be increased as vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids become much more available to digest and absorb. This explains why so many sensitive people can tolerate 'activated' nuts but react badly to their non-activated counterparts.

Why Activate Seeds and Nuts?

Well, they're special because of what happens when moisture gets into nuts and seeds (or into many grains, beans & legumes). Botanical classifications aside, almost all of these 'reproductive plant products' will completely change when you add water. If you think about it, nuts and seeds are designed to stay dormant & wait - sealed & protected, until the time is right for them to germinate. This gives their species the best chance of survival and spreading, allowing seeds to grow new plants to produce new seeds etc. The cycle of life :) When we eat a raw nut, seed, grain or legume (without pre-soaking it), we're going to be fighting the seeds' inbuilt protection mechanisms to try and digest it. They contain enzyme-inhibitors and phytic acid, which can hinder the digestive process and bind to minerals in our digestive tract, leading to poor digestion and nutrient absorption and often varying degrees of digestive discomfort.

How to Activate Seeds and Nuts

To gain the most nutritionally from your goodMix Blend11 and Blend13, simply moisten, mix and leave overnight (8hrs is the optimal soak time for most of the goodMix ingredients which require soaking). Use the following ratio of seed:water: 1/2 cup of seed:3 tablespoons of water. Or measure it out following this video guide by Monash University. There is no need to drain the water as the seeds will absorb it all into themselves, provided it's well mixed. You will wake up to a bowl of lovely moist, plump goodMix that's bursting with enzymes, which will be much easier to chew, digest & absorb, and much more nutritious :)


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