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Article: 4 Big Reasons That Diverse Fibre can Help you Achieve a Healthy Bodyweight

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4 Big Reasons That Diverse Fibre can Help you Achieve a Healthy Bodyweight

Lisa Wilkinson has been eating the original ‘goodMix’ Blend11 for years on the quiet, but it’s too good to keep it a secret now! Lisa is always glowing & beautifully slim - she looks truly amazing for her 60 years! We regularly hear great weight-loss stories from people who have started incorporating our products into their diet - could the Blend11 be lending a hand?

4 BIG reasons

#1 Fibre fills you up, lowers your blood sugar levels & keeps your energy levels stable.
A healthy bowl of good fats, fibre, slow carbs & protein in the morning (like for instance, Blend11) = no carb-induced blood sugar roller-coaster for the day. Plus you get the amazing by-products of your bacteria breaking down all that fibre.

Short-chain-fatty-acids (scfa’s, what some of your bacteria produce when they breakdown fibre) can be used as a fuel source - so you get fed once when you digest the parts of your breakfast that your own body can breakdown, then you get fed again when the gut bugs digest the fibre into scfa’s. Better value from your breakkie bowl…plus long-lasting, stable energy means you won’t tend to reach for that muffin or coffee at 10am (so it can actually save you money too)!

#2 Fibre decreases cravings for carbs & sugars (excess refined carbs & sugars ruin your metabolism & lead to diabetes & obesity).
Fibre feeds your good microbes, so they reproduce & crowd out the bad guys (many of your sugar & carb cravings are actually caused by your pesky sugar-loving ‘bad’ gut bugs)!
Good microbes also help you to extract more nutritional value from your food, & better nutrition = less deficiencies = less cravings caused by those deficiencies (mineral deficiencies are a well known cause of cravings too). When you eat enough fibre, your blood sugar is much better controlled. Increasing your fibre intake is one of the best things you can do if diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. (That & starting to work your muscles harder).

#3 Fibre helps our gut bugs to bring down the systemic inflammation (systemic inflammation = your whole body looks & feels ‘swollen’).
SCFA’s - the amazing by-products of fibre being digested by your gut microbes act as powerful anti-inflammatories, & are produced in your bowel! Provided you’re feeding your good microbes enough fibre each day, that is. A healthy, properly fed gut pumps out soothing, healing, anti-inflammatories for you (this has a slimming effect & keeps you looking lean), whilst a gut that gets fed mostly on processed food, devoid of ‘good microbe food’, will be the root cause of many inflammatory problems (obesity is just one). If your gut is struggling, you’ll tend to always look a bit ’swollen’ & carry more fluid. Fix the inflammation & the weight can come off much more easily. This is not always the case - many very lean people also have gut troubles, but I have seen many, many heavier people notice a huge improvement in metabolism when they really start looking after their gut flora.

#4 Fibre can decrease emotional eating & mean you’ll feel more like exercising (yep, for real).
Seems a bit far-fetched, but science is now proving it - many studies are showing that your gut microbes can strongly influence your moods, & your moods can actually influence your gut bugs too! This knowledge may help us to better understand things like depression & anxiety (who eats multiple slices of cheesecake when they are feeling down, or lives on chocolate during exam week?) Not me, but I have heard of this phenomenon occurring…If you’re feeling happy & balanced, you are much more likely to exercise regularly & make food choices that support your health. But when you feel like crap, you tend to exercise less regularly & eat more crap too…or does the eating crap & not exercising come before the feeling crap? A bit of both - even the fittest, healthiest eaters can sometimes feel down / overwhelmed / stressed out, but I bet you a pallet load of Tim-Tams that low energy, moodiness, depression & anxiety will all improve with a diet that supports good gut health. The links between gut issues & mental / emotional issues are very strong & well researched - but we only know the tip of the iceberg still.

There is so much to learn about our guts, our microbes & our weight - but it is very clear right now, that consuming a diverse range of fibre is one of the easiest ways we can support a healthy gut microbial population, decrease systemic inflammation & improve our metabolic health.

We often hear from customers who’ve lost weight since starting on the Blend11, & there are a few truly amazing stories of 20-25kg losses (other things used as well, but they do say that Blend11 has helped immensely). We want to hear from you too - has anything changed with your weight since starting on the Blend11? Has it helped, or has it done nothing for your efforts? What else has worked? What do you struggle with? Let us know, we’ll try our best to help & all the info we can gather can be used to help others lose some ‘excess baggage’ too!

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