Blend11: Blowing & Controlling your mind?! March 8, 2017

How food affects your mood…through your gut bugs!


If you’re a gut-geek like me, you’ll know that there is a strong link between your gut health and your mental health – statistics vary, but it is thought that over 50% of people who suffer with IBS (for example), also suffer from some sort of mental / emotional disorder – commonly depression and / or anxiety.


There have been many trials carried out now demonstrating the amazing ways your gut bugs can influence your brain chemicals and mood. Your gut bacterial activity can literally alter your brain chemicals and the food you put into your tummy will create the environment & food source to support either lots of ‘goodies’ or ‘baddies’, meaning you will feel consequently happier or sadder. Very simplistic, but that is what it all boils down to the fact thyour food impacts your mood, through your gut bacteria & the chemicals they produce – there is no denying it. You can honestly tell your teenagers to eat up their fermented foods, because they’ve been proven to decrease social anxiety! Get into the yoghurt & sauerkraut if you’re the awkward type!


I’ve met countless people asking for help with their gut issues, who also suffer from mental / emotional symptoms – they just go together.  Dr Perlmutter (neurologist) says “in my 30+ years of dealing with patients with issues like depression and brain fog as well as an inability to lose weight, the program outlined above has proven to be the most powerful treatment strategy I’ve ever recommended!” He’s talking about a diet rich in pre and probiotics. Dr Kelly Brogan, (qualified in psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine & integrative holistic medicine) believes that “your micro biome influences practically everything about your health, including how you feel emotionally, physically, mentally”.


…so…a smoothie or breakfast bowl with either Blend11 or NeoBlend, teamed with quality yoghurt (or anything else rich in probiotics and pre-biotic fibre) can literally be considered a mind-altering substance! Seriously, spend a few hours reading up on this stuff & you’ll think more about what goes into your mouth!


See just a small amount of recommended reading below to start you off, & learn how to fix your mood with food :)


‘A Mind of Your Own’ Dr Kelly Brogan

‘Grain Brain’ & ‘Brain Maker’ Dr David Perlmutter

‘The Mind-Gut Connection’ Emeran Mayer

‘The Good Gut’ Justin & Erica Sonnenberg

‘Clean Gut’ Alejandro Junger

‘The Second Brain’ Michael D. Gershon M.D.


From Gut to Brain: The Inflammation Connection | Blog | Kelly BroganMD


Gut Microbiota: The Brain Peacekeeper


There are seriously countless studies & articles out there now…us naturopaths have been saying ‘it’s all in the gut’ for decades. The GP’s used to laugh at us, but…we told you so ;)