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  1. Love the Greens and Aloe. Perfect addition to morning smoothies!

  2. I also start each day out with a hot cup of Green + Aloe. There are many ways to enjoy this energy boost but I like it hot with the juice of half a lemon. Listening to my body when I’m tired after weeding my garden or trekking up and down the hills or working out at CrossFit, an afternoon cup is all that I need to refresh before resume my active schedule.
    I’m a Type II Diabetic that controls my sugar level with a healthy, no sugar diet and exercise but sometimes I just feel like having a big bowl of ice cream. Rather then giving in, I combine a teaspoon of Green + Aloe with frozen Acai Berries puree and sugar free almond or coconut yogurt, to enjoy a satisfying real treat that blocks all desire for ice cream. At the same time this shake boosts my energy level enough that I seldom even think about what I can’t have but rather what I want. It’s taken me most of my life to get healthy and to realise it’s all about loving myself by enjoying what is good for me and what will sustain a healthy, strong body, capable of an active life of participation, even rock climbing. I know you’ll experience positive results treating your body to both Greens + Aloe and Blend 11. Dear Jean, Thank you for your loving contribution to my health.

  3. I absolutely LOVE goodMIX’s Greens & Aloe powder! It’s by far the yummyest greens powder I’ve tried, and combined with the Blend 11, are going a long way to repopulate my gut with the healthy bacteria to keep my overall health in great condition! I’ve been battling to imporve my gut health for a couple of years now, since beginning with perimenopause symptoms… I cut out dairy ages ago and began to feel better, more recently I’ve cut out wheat too…more imporvements. It’s only since cutting out alcohol and taking the greens & aloe & blend 11 that I’ve noticed huge increases in my overall wellbeing. As well as enegry levels and great poops, my anxiety levels have imporved too. The body is a whole, the gut affects mood, and the other way round. THANK YOU goodMIX for helping me on my journey!

  4. I’m also using the green aloe powder daily , easy to drink and makes me feel clean all through my gut, great energy booster too.A must in my daily routine.

  5. Can I add a scoop to a litre of water a x sip in throughout the day?

  6. Have been using this product daily for over two and a half years. It makes a huge difference to my overall well-being!! Highly recommend !!

  7. Loving the blend 11 in smoothies or with yoghurt and berries. It tastes great!
    Also really enjoying the goodness of the greens + aloe which doesn’t have a strong taste and is super easy to drink 👍🏻

  8. Holy Moly!
    I have found this product to be absolutely fantastic in general and highly recommend it.
    This morning however was the cherry on top of the cake, I put 100ml of pineapple juice in the mix and the taste is unbelievable.
    I am addicted!

    Thank you GoodMix for making such an amazing product.

  9. I’ve been a huge addict of Blend 11 for a few years, and recently gave Greens+Aloe a try. It’s amazing and not at all unpleasant in taste! I have it in my protein powder smoothies, with lemon juice or in a fruit smoothie. It’s made a difference to my gut health, as I have IBS and don’t feel as bloated or congested as I did before. Highly recommend!! 🙌

  10. Amazing products with super fast delivery. I’ve been using Blend 11 and the Greens & Aloe booster daily for about a month and I am converted for life. I am feeling really healthy and energised. Blend 11 is delicious with yogurt & berries and it definitely lives up to the promise of ‘best poos ever’. The Greens & Aloe is surprisingly easy to drink and I love it with a squeeze of lemon first thing in the morning. The Ball Bags are also easy and delicious. Thanks for providing such quality products.

  11. I have Coeliac Disease along with a sensitive belly. I love that Blend11 is gluten free AND it helps to keep my belly happy and settled. I’m also really enjoying the Ball Bags as a healthy afternoon snack and the Greens+Aloe as a morning kick starter. Thank you for making these products gluten free!

  12. I found this product when I was a few months into my weight loss journey, I found with a ketogenic diet it was hard to control cravings etc. I found the GoodMix products (Super Greens Plus Aloe and Blend 11) and noticed the difference, it helps with weight loss but it helps a lot with appetite control. This also gives a mental boost. What a perfect product!

  13. Absolutely👍🏼👍🏼 Love the Good mix products.. have the Blend 11& 13 every morning for my breaky and Greens+ Aloe in my juice 🙌
    Gives me the boost I need to start my day ♥️

  14. I heard about this through a podcast and gave it a go- love your product! I have the muesli and greens powder and think they’re much better then what I previously use. I’m converted! Love supporting an Aus company too x

  15. Love this product, people are commenting on how good my skin is looking and I really haven’t changed anything except adding the super greens with aloe and the superblend 11, the super green aloe is now a permanent ingredient in my daily smoothie, thanks goodmix

  16. To the goodMix guys… just want to let you know how fantastic your Greens+Aloe and Blend 11 is! I’m in WA and my specialist put me onto your products as part of my total healing plan – thank you so much for such wonderful healing products

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