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Article: Why I Prioritise Organic Ingredients Wherever Possible

Why I Prioritise Organic Ingredients Wherever Possible

Why I Prioritise Organic Ingredients Wherever Possible

Certified organic food ingredients are more expensive than the standard. I could make our goodMix products much cheaper if I didn’t bother with them, & many business advisors have actually suggested this. Here’s why I’ve never taken their advice:

Your body is an ecosystem, a walking talking moving breathing human ecosystem. It’s not just ‘you’.

In a physical sense, ‘You’ are actually made up of many other tiny organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi etc) as well as your own human cells, all interacting. Natural ecosystems work harmoniously - life forms all playing a role & working together…we are interconnected, not separate discrete life forms. And our food should be the same. Like us, food is not just what we can see, our food also has its own microbiome, from the soil, water, air & other living things in the environment where it grows.

Organic grown, processed & stored is important to me because:

  • there are enough chemicals poisoning & disturbing our environment, as a food manufacturer I really want to buy from producers who are not pumping more out into their corner of the planet, but caring for their plots with a more long term view instead.
  • soil health for me is like gut health. Without a healthy, well balanced, nutrient rich, chemical-free soil microbiome, there are no truly healthy plants! Organic production requires much better care of the soil than chemical farming. It’s like the difference to your gut between eating loads of healthy, natural, nutrient dense food, rich in pre & probiotics, & relying on laboratory made vitamin pills, powders & medications for survival. Sure you can do it …. but for how long, & what about the next generation?
  • We now know that eating organic offers many health benefits to both humans & the planet, Dr Zac Bush is a very knowledgable & passionate educator on human health & our environment - here are a few interviews to watch if you’re not sure whether organic is worth it.*

Restoring Health, Glyphosate, and Healing the Gut | ZACH BUSH, M.D.
Dr. Zach Bush - A Biological Understanding Of Our Troubled Times
Dr Zach Bush | How the Microbiome Can Improve Gut Health (& Make Us Stronger!)

*If you struggle to find enough $ to buy healthy food, don’t worry so much about whether you’re supporting organic farming or not. Just do the best you can with the $ you have, organic is what we all want to aim for, but if you’re not there at the moment don’t stress. If you do have the $, I believe it is your responsibility to help support & preserve the health of our planet by choosing organic whenever you can. In Australia, we can all grow a few (or a lot) of our own veggies as well - it’s so rewarding & there is nothing better (from a microbiome perspective) than a meal made with freshly picked organic plants (plus all the microbes you can’t see!) Get your hands dirty. Dirt & organic food gardening = medicine!

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