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Article: Superfoods you can share with your furry buddy!

Superfoods you can share with your furry buddy!

Superfoods you can share with your furry buddy!

Dog Smoothie Bowls…Yes. I know. They’re dogs…dogs eat meaty bones, not smoothie bowls?? While meaty bones are absolutely classified as superfoods (full of collagen & minerals, the building blocks of both dog & human bodies), & my dogs definitely get them too - our furry friends can also really benefit from some phyto-nutrients (planty-good-bits). Here’s a simple list of some things you may already use yourself, that you can give to your furry best mates as well! (Always run any new dietary additions by your vet if unsure if this type of food is ok for your pet specifically, this is just some awesome but general info - from my own research & from my fantastic local vet clinic). Turmeric: a great antioxidant, liver tonic & anti-inflammatory. Great for older dogs, & any who suffer with arthritis, skin issues, diabetes or are on a lot of medications. Coconut oil: beautiful for the coat, the brain, the gut, & as an energy pickup…the oil can help keep them regular, so great if constipation is an issue. Also if you have a really weak / skinny / rescue dog that needs some quickly digested calories. Barley grass: vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants, liver support, anti-inflammatory - great to combine with turmeric for the same issues...ever notice your dog chewing on grass instinctively when they feel a bit crook? Flaxseed: always use pre-soaked & blended flaxseed for dogs, not dry whole seeds - this will be similar to them eating the partially digested, seedy contents of a herbivores stomach, which would happen for wolves / dingoes / wild dogs. One of the best natural things for frequently constipated dogs, & amazing for the skin & coat. Fish oil: anti-inflammatory & nourishing support for the brain, skin, gut, joints, heart. You can buy very cheap canned mackerel / sardines in any supermarket, or use capsules. Probiotics: essential to help rebalance the gut after a course of antibiotics, or for dogs with constipation, skin issues & stinky breath. You can use capsules, or add small amounts of sauerkraut / kefir to their dinner. Kefir: same benefits as probiotics, better if your dog prefers to lick than take capsules! Beetroot: a good vegetable to blend up & add to food, great for fibre, vitamins, minerals & also good support for the liver & muscles. Parsley: fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. Celery tops: fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. Raw eggs: (shell included) calcium & other minerals,

So why go to all this trouble & expense to keep your dog so darn healthy??

Me getting some doggy-licky probiotics
As a thankyou of course! Most people now know that dog owners are generally happier, less stressed & even less likely die from heart disease - that is old news. However - some newer research actually suggests that your dog may be one of your best probiotics! Apparently, over time - we come to share many of the same gut bacteria as our canine companions! Kids raised in homes with a dog, are less likely to develop immune issues like asthma & allergies. They say that the likely immune benefit is due to ‘dog associated house-dust!’ So I will learn to love my immune-boosting messy floor, with its constant layer of ‘dog-associated house-dust’...the latest must-have healthy home accessory. Unfortunately my house has gloss white tiles throughout :(

Do my dogs get to share my Blend11? No - they would love to, & they often ask me - but no.

Here’s why…

Never give a dog anything with cacao in it (Ie Blend11). One of the plant chemicals (theobromine) in cacao can actually be lethal to dogs - the reason you’ll often hear people say ‘chocolate is poison for dogs’. It really is, they cannot metabolise theobromine like we humans can, & it builds up to levels which can become toxic. Dark chocolate & pure cacao are much more toxic (more theobromine) than milk chocolate, so be careful if you have these in your home, keep well out of reach of dogs. Small dogs need less chocolate to get sick / die than larger don't leave your cute lil puppy at home alone with the Easter eggs.

Superfood Smoothie Recipe for your Furry Buddy:

  • Coconut yoghurt - 2 TBsp (avoid any brands with xylitol, this is toxic to dogs)
  • Soaked Flaxseed - 1 TBsp (soak in enough water so the seeds are nice & soft, keep refrigerated up to 3 days)
  • Beetroot - thumb-sized knob (I use the end bits that would normally get composted / chucked)
  • Celery tops or parsley - 2 small handfuls
  • Turmeric - 2 flat teaspoons of powder or a small knob of fresh (1 tsp per medium dog)
  • Barley grass - 2 flat TBsp (1 per medium dog)
  • Sauerkraut - 2 tsp
  • Kefir - 2 tbsp
  • Enough water to make it blend nicely
  • Serve with some canned sardines or mackerel (these are a bit to stinky to put into the blender!!)

Serves 1 x large dog (30-50kg) or 2 x medium (20-30kg)

Love to hear what you give to your puppy dogs, leave a comment below or send me an email! Jeanie X

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