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Article: Microba Competition

Microba Competition

Microba Competition

Woohoo! It’s competition time, & this one is a good one. 2 lucky winners will receive an Insight™ test kit from Microba for their FREE MICROBIOME ANALYSIS!!! If you’ve ever wondered what was happening inside your bowel, whether you have a healthy, harmonious ‘ecosystem’ going on down there or not so much, this is your opportunity! Microba are world leaders in microbiome analysis and Insight™ provides you the opportunity to get to know your gut so you can make smarter lifestyle choices.

Blend 11 1300g gluten free museli and vegan bircher museli | goodMIX

Bonus - winners will also receive a 3 month supply of Blend11, our gluten free, low FODMAP, diverse fibre, best-poos-ever breakfast blend!

Each prize value exceeds $450, so get entering! Enter your details below, competition winners will be notified by email on March 1st 2022.

See more on Insight™ here:
“Get the whole picture of your gut microbiome with the most comprehensive microbiome test available. Understand your unique microbiome, how it affects your health, and how you can achieve a better balance between desirable and less desirable microorganisms in your gut.”

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