Veggie Patties with Tomato & Mushroom


These versatile patties are perfect for BBQ’s, to make a stack of for lunches on the go, or a quick easy dinner – even a nice hot breakfast in Winter. And of course, such a fantastic way to sneak loads of hidden veggies into the kids – toddlers (& big kids) love these!


1x Burger Mix (800g pack)
400mL of water
300g of carrot (or pumpkin / sweet potato also works great)
300g of zucchini
100g chopped tomato
100g chopped mushroom
100mL olive oil or coconut oil (& some extra for frying)


Add the 400mL of water to your dry Burger Mix (use a large bowl to fit all the veg too).
Leave mix overnight to absorb all the water / allow it to thicken into a nice firm dough.
Use food processor to grate all veg except the tomato & mushies (chop these).
Add grated veg into soaked Burger Mix
Add chopped tomato & mushrooms
Add 100ml of olive oil, & mix / squash everything together well using clean hands.
Shape mix into patties ready to cook later, or you can literally just grab a handful of mix from the bowl & put it straight onto the oiled sandwich press, fry pan or BBQ. So easy / less clean up that way!
Cook until well browned & crisp on the outside. They will be moist on the inside.
Top with avocado or serve with a nice salad / sauce / chutney etc.

Serves Approx

Makes 20 good-sized patties

Thank you to Jeanie for this recipe!

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