Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds 250g

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Raw Hulled Organic Hemp Seeds are one of the most nutritious seeds on the planet, and also a great complete protein, perfect for vegans and vegetarians. The bonus is – there are no known allergies to hemp, so even if you’re gluten, dairy, soya or nut intolerant these are fine!

Our hulled organic hemp seeds can be made into milk! Just blend one cup of Hemp seeds with 5 cups of water and a pinch of sea salt for 30 seconds. There’s no need to soak the seeds first. To adjust the consistency of the milk, add more or less water as desired.

They’re also amazing on salads, in any smoothie or in healthy dips / pesto / spreads due to their mild taste & beautiful nutty creaminess! Check out our Porridge recipe with added hemp seeds!

No psychoactive substances (these are THC Free), just full of yummy, natural nutrition!! They are rich in healthy fats, proteins and minerals!

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