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Article: Pic-Snick Bars

Pic-Snick Bars

Pic-Snick Bars

These are so easy, & super yum. Kinda like a Snickers, but also kinda like a Picnic it's a Pic-Snick bar!! If you used to love these 2 bars back in the bad old days when you didn't know any better, you've gotta try these babies! You can make 25-30 healthy bars with this recipe (dangerous, yes).



200g peanut butter (I used 'pics' smooth)
150g maple syrup (can use a little more or less, adjust to suit your sweet tooth).
375g vegan Bliss Ball mix
50g coconut oil
100g activated buckwheat / plain buckinis (ask at your healthfood store)
50g puffed millet
Optional - melted chocolate or make your own raw choc (if desired, to coat or drizzle). You could also add in some roasted peanut chunks if you'd like more peanutty crunch.



1.Mix the peanut butter & maple syrup together evenly
2.Add in the coconut oil & Bliss Ball mixture
3.Add in the activated buckwheat & puffed millet
4.Mix everything well using hands until evenly combined into a yummy, sticky ‘dough’
5. Place the dough on a lined baking tray & cover with another sheet of paper
6.Roll out flat using a rolling pin or jar, to desired thickness (I did approx 8mm, which covered my tray)
7.Place tray in the freezer for approx 10 mins (until hard)
8.While your bars are setting, melt the chocolate in a double saucepan
9.Cut up the cold, hardened slice into bars (or squares, or fingers or whatever shape you like) & drizzle or coat with choccy whilst still cold

Store in the fridge or freezer - actually make that hide, not store ;-)


Serves Approx

25-30 bars (muesli bar size)

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