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Article: Blend13 Choc Bites

Blend13 Choc Bites

Blend13 Choc Bites

When you eat something sweet with something fibrous, the fibre slows the rate of sugar getting into your cells, so it's less likely you'll experience the 'sugar high & crash', & you can't just keep eating & eating because the fibre fills you up very quickly. So a more 'metabolically healthy' way to consume sweets is in combination with fibre (eg - how nature designed fruit). Here's an insanely easy dark choc + fibre combo using crunchy & chewy, fibre rich Blend13! Enjoy :)



Dark chocolate (85% or higher, organic is best) Blend13 (unsoaked, straight from the pack)



1. Melt dark choc in a double saucepan

2. Pour into ice cube moulds or onto baking paper

3. Sprinkle Blend13 evenly on top to cover chocolate, press in gently to ensure it will all stick / get attached into the chocolate.

4. Refrigerate until set.


Serves Approx

Depends how much choc & Blend you use...& how much of a chocaholic you are!

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