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Article: “I’m Gonna Get Healthy This Year’! Yeah Yeah...

“I’m Gonna Get Healthy This Year’! Yeah Yeah...

“I’m Gonna Get Healthy This Year’! Yeah Yeah...

“I’m gonna get healthy this year’! Yeah yeah, you say that every January! You start out all gung-ho, but the new year motivation - a result of your Christmas overindulgence - only lasts until around Australia Day, or maybe Easter if you’re lucky! So many diet plans are annoyingly complex & unsustainable, meaning you get results for a few weeks (IF you can figure out the system & incorporate it into your lifestyle), but then eventually it becomes all too hard & you chuck in the towel - deciding that ‘healthy is way too hard, the benefits aren’t worth the time, effort & sacrifices’.

This year - just keep it simple, & keep it up!

Remember the 4 easy pointers below (post-it note to yourself on the mirror) & stick to them for the entire year! The key to making healthy changes is being really consistent with something sustainable. You won’t suddenly get healthy from doing a hardcore, 2 week new year’s detox. It is a great kick-start, but it’s ultimately the little everyday things, repeated consistently that will shape your health over the year & for the rest of your life.
  1. Eat Clean: Decrease your processed food intake. (Ie additives, artificials, crappy fats & refined sugar & carbs).
  2. More Green: Add in 1 green drink daily & increase your green veggies. (Even the best of us could use a top up, & for the worst of us this could literally be life or death)!
  3. Less Screen: Decrease your screen time. (Sedentary = not sexy, cancel your social accounts for a while if you have to!)
  4. Be Keen: Get involved with others, join a class, take some lessons! Hang out with healthy folks - make getting healthy fun, not a chore! Think martial arts, dance, yoga, Pilates, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, skateboarding, cycling, kayaking, running, rock climbing, walking, gardening, bushwalking...there are sooo many things you could try! Just sign up for one & get into it!
...if you follow these 4 simple pointers in 2018, you’ll see awesome results!

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