goodMix Stockists: Where to buy Goodmix and Blend 11

Get goodMix at your local farmer's market, health provider, health store or independent grocer.  

Local Markets

Get your GoodMix while you pick up your fresh local produce. We're always keen to answer any GoodMix questions so come along and say hi! See the GoodMix Market Calendar »

Official goodMix Website

Get your GoodMix straight from the source! Visit the GoodMix online shop »

Use the stockist map at the bottom of this page.

Please note: goodMix products can now be ordered into any Australian healthfood store, most pharmacies & selected independant grocers.

Step 1: Call your favourite local store

Step 2: Ask them to special order in the goodMix product/s you want

Step 3: Wait for your store to call and let you know your product is ready to pick up.


      Like to get your goodMix at your local health store or market?  Let us know where, and we will ask them to get on board! 

      Here is a list of our Distributors by state. (Note: you could contact them to find the closest store to you already stocking).


      Oborne Health Supplies 



      Mungalli Creek Diary

      GC Beverages

      Oborne Health Supplies 

      New South Wales  

      Deliver Foods

      V Gourmet 

      Pep's Distribution 

      Horizon Foods 

      Oborne Health Supplies


      Happy Green Distribution 

      Oborne Health Supplies 

      South Australia 

      Entertaining Foods: 0400 607 300

      Western Australia 

      Oborne Health Supplies 

      Nothern Terriorty 

      Oborne Health Supplies 


      Deliver Foods

      Oborne Health Supplies 


      Happy Green Distribution

      Oborne Health Supplies 

      If you have any problems at all please do not hesitate to call Brad: 0424 170 545