Why You Should Be Eating More Chocolate March 25, 2016

It’s all about the Quality

At this time of year we tend to go a bit overboard guzzling chocolates of dubious quality & end up feeling crappy as a result. Sugary supermarket chocolates do absolutely nothing good for your health, but don’t forget the massive health benefits to be found in ‘the good stuff’ – raw cacao – these can make you feel amazing!


Balance The Bugs With Cacao

Cacao provides some truly awesome antioxidants, called polyphenols. They were once thought to be indigestible & poorly absorbed in our digestive systems, but really – all we need to utilise them is for our trusty good gut bacteria to break the choccy polyphenols down into useable bits. Cacao is an awesome prebiotic food, which means it actually provides food for & promotes the growth of some all important friendly bacteria – namely the Lactobacillus & Bifidobacteria that are found to increase in number when we eat / drink it. We also see a decrease in some of the nastier gut bugs when eating cacao regularly (well rats do anyway, & that’s good enough for me to justify my regular dark choccy / cacao habit)!


Feed the Microbes, and Reap the Rewards

So basically – (quality) dark, raw chocolate or raw cacao is good for your gut bacterial balance, which results in many other good things happening as a result. Things like improved metabolism, weight loss, decreased inflammation, healthier blood vessels & heart, more youthful looking skin…..the list goes on. So if the gut bugs want chocolate, don’t deprive them!! Just make sure it’s quality, & not full of sugar (excess sugar will destroy your bacterial balance, and cause many other issues)! As a guilt-free treat you can have ready to go in the freezer – try making these Dark Chewy Choc-Top Fruity Bars  They are high in fibre, & will give you a dark chocolate prebiotic fix! (They can also be made into eggs for Easter, or balls, logs, or any other shapes you like).