Blend11 CSIRO Research Findings

What Did We Find Out? 

A lot of you have been asking at the markets, so here are the results!

Blend11 was readily fermentable by bowel microbes during the ‘in vitro fermentation trial’ & subsequently raised production of the beneficial short chain fatty acid ‘butyrate’. Levels rose very quickly, significantly & stayed high for a much longer period than with both of the control fibres (psyllium & cellulose – see graph below). This is very exciting news, especially as research into butyrate continues to reveal more benefits!

What Is Butyrate?:

Butyrate is a well researched short chain fatty acid (SCFA). It is a by-product of fibre fermentation by certain gut microbes, and is the reason for all the buzz around ‘resistant starch’ (eating more resistant starch leads to an increase in gut microbial butyrate production).

Butyrate benefits:

  • it is the preferred fuel source for the cells lining the colon
  • it helps to nourish cells & support repair of damage to the bowel wall
  • it helps maintain gut barrier integrity & thus regulate gut immunity & inflammation
  • it helps to ‘switch off’ abnormally proliferating cells in the bowel ie polyps / precancerous lesions
  • it lowers the pH of the colon (makes it more acidic), which helps stop pathogens (bad bugs) taking hold & also helps with mineral absorption into the bloodstream.
  • it helps us feel full & satisfied & stabilise blood sugar / improve insulin sensitivity (particularly important for diabetics, those battling with insulin resistance or abdominal fat).
  • it helps normalise muscular contractions & movement of the bowel (relevant to those with IBS, constipation, diarrhoea or irregular movements).

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What Conditions Is Microbial Butyrate Production Important For?

From what we know about butyrate so far, it’s important to have high levels to help with:

  • constipation / irregular movements
  • IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
  • IBD (inflammatory bowel disease)
  • leaky gut
  • autoimmune issues
  • any condition where gut integrity is compromised
  • bowel cancer prevention diet / polyps
  • prevention of travel bugs / overgrowth of gut pathogens
  • diabetes
  • insulin resistance
  • abdominal fat
  • PCOS
  • osteoporosis prevention
  • bone & teeth strength
  • general health (through better mineral absorption)

…there are many other butyrate benefits & uses – this list is just the tip of the iceberg! But we know it’s a good thing for our gut microbes to be continually producing for us, & we now know that Blend11 is useful to help support that process :)

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Soaking / Activating: Do I Really Have to Soak it?

Common question, one we really hoped to find the answer to!

Interestingly – soaking overnight had minimal impact on fermentation & microbial butyrate production! Dry mix was found to create a similar increase in butyrate production, nutrient levels weren’t impacted & FODMAP’s were decreased only by a little.

So it seems that from a fermentation perspective, soaking may not be important / useful! It does however, help with gut issues (anecdotally). We speak to customers every week (for the past 6.5 years) who find Blend11 useful to help manage their gut symptoms, & there is definitely a difference (almost always better results when used soaked vs dry). There is other research suggesting that consumption of pre-soaked seeds helps with absorption of micronutrients (even though similar levels may be present in dry vs soaked seed, absorption is what counts). Also – the enzyme activity in soaked seeds may provide further nutritional / digestive benefits.

To Soak or Not to Soak?

In the absence of any firm data…we encourage you to experiment on yourself! See if you notice any difference when eating Blend11 soaked vs dry:

  • digestive comfort (how does your tummy feel throughout the day when you eat soaked vs dry Blend11)?
  • best poos ever effect (does it create the same results for you soaked vs dry – is there a difference in your bowel function?)
  • energy levels (any changes?)
  • mood
  • general wellness
  • performance
  • immunity
  • inflammation / swellings / aches & pains
  • weight
  • specific illnesses

Please let us know what your findings are!

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Next Stage:

We are now looking to move into the next phase of testing (a clinical trial with IBS patients). This will cost A LOT (for a small business – usually it’s only pharmaceutical companies who can afford these!) We’re eligible to use some government grants, but nowhere near enough to cover the entire project. So now we’re looking for help raising funds / an investor. With results from a trial of this nature, we’ll have scientific evidence that this food can act medicinally!

Your testimonials have played a huge role in getting the initial research done, we are now asking for anyone willing to come forward with their story, who would be happy to share it with the CSIRO gut research team, possibly even in a television interview (your face / name can remain anonymous, just an interview to tell your story. Any test results you may have will help, or if you have a health professional / Dr who can confirm results.

This is important for us to progress – so please, shoot me a reply with your contact details & a brief rundown of your story if you are keen to help out / think your story would be of interest! Even if you aren’t keen to get deeply involved, but you have a story or quick comment we can add to the collection, that would be very much appreciated too!

Jeanie Xx

23 Things That Could Be Keeping You Fat

This list is by no means exhaustive, just a few observations that may bring you closer to figuring out your own fat loss puzzle.

1) Not addressing hormone issues.

Get your thyroid / cortisol / blood sugar etc tested. Book in to see a naturopath or GP who specialises in or has a good track record of helping people with metabolic problems. They will normally advertise the fact that they specialise or can help you with weightloss, hormonal issues, thyroid problems etc. Males also need to check testosterone, esp if over 40. 

2) Not addressing food sensitivities / gut-immune activation.

Many people will notice significant weight loss, as well as  decreased bloating / fluid retention & systemic inflammation (it’s literally like watching someone shrinking) when they figure out & start to avoid their food intolerances. The most common offenders are wheat & dairy (great idea to try a 6 week no wheat & dairy trial & just observe your body’s reaction) but there can be many other food intolerances as well – like nuts, soy, corn, eggs etc. You’ll have loads more energy for exercising too if your immune system isn’t expending so much on being reactive & intolerant!

3) Eating too many ‘healthy sugars’ after quitting regular. 

Most people can’t eat raw paleo brownies & vegan ice-cream washed down with large bottles of cold pressed fruit juice every day & stay skinny. These ‘healthier versions’ of regular treats can still mess with your metabolism & cause you to pack on the pounds if you’re not careful. Some options are much better than others, look for higher protein / good fats & fibre, & less refined sweeteners, & treat ‘raw treats’ with respect! Watch your serving sizes & consume these treats ideally before or after a workout or doing something active like gardening or cleaning (not while laying on the couch before bedtime!)

4) Excess Fruit.

Too much fruit – esp in one sitting = too much sugar in one hit. It still gets converted into fat by your liver, like other sugars. By the time you’re halfway through a big glass of juice, you’re topping up your fat). If you love your fruit – choose the more of the high fibre, lower sugar types – ie berries (great option as they’re also high in gut-healthy, weightloss promoting polyphenols).

5) Not managing your stress

Your stress hormones cause your metabolism to switch to fat storage mode. Plus – many people cope with stress by eating comfort foods.

6) Consistently getting poor sleep

Same problem as being stressed – your metabolism switches to insulin resistance & fat storage, plus you’ll wake up feeling less like exercising.  

7) Too much beer

A beer belly is not called a beer belly for nothing – switch from 3 beers after work to a glass of red, or find the lowest carb option.

8) Too much alcohol in general.

You’ll eat more crap & exercise less in general if you’re a heavy drinker. For better health (mental & physical) & fat loss outcomes  –  stick to minimal drinking. A max of 1 glass of red daily for the ladies & 2 for the blokes is the current ‘expert’ consensus. If you’re currently a daily drinker, & struggle with weight – quit for a few weeks & see what happens. Every drink you don’t have adds up calorie wise.

9) Filling up before you’re empty.

Eating breakfast before using your morning ‘fat-burning window’ is a recipe for slow & steady weight gain.  First thing in the morning when you wake up is the best time to burn your fat stores. Don’t eat anything if you’re just doing low intensity exercise like walking, if doing something very taxing you may be better off having something small & easily digestible (i.e. a little fruit) just prior to starting (so you don’t go into stress mode when exercising – see what feels best for you). 

10) Eating dessert often.

You’ve just eaten a meal, you should be full…but still you’re not ‘satisfied?’ A delicious fat & sugar bomb after a meal can double your calorie intake, without adding any extra nutrition – & mean you’ll store the excess energy on your belly / hips / butt / arms / chin. If you’re always craving something sweet after a meal, get into the habit of having a small piece of dark choc or some nuts & berries instead if you must. Make sure your meal has enough fat, protein & fibre to be satisfying & sustaining. If you’re ‘being good’ & ordering the salad instead of the steak & chips, yet you’re always left hungry afterwards, you’re kidding yourself. Just order the steak, but lose the chips & ask for veg & salad instead.   

11) Drinking your calories.

People tend not to count a glass of milk,  juice, soft drink, beer, wine, tea or coffee (with sugar & milk) as ‘food’. These are all just liquid food. You often sip on things like these throughout the day, providing a constant stream of excess ‘fuel’ to prevent you from burning any fat – ever. You will only burn fat when there is no available glucose in your bloodstream. Choose herb teas, plain water, sparkling water with lemon / lime, protein shakes post workout, black coffee pre workout…& be conscious that when you do have an alcoholic  drink, your lowest calorie option will be a spirit with sparkling water (ie a vodka lime & soda).

12) Trying to operate with inadequate protein.

If you’re working your muscles you need to also feed & support them, otherwise your body is forced to break itself down in order to keep working. Your metabolism is not the only thing that will suffer if your protein intake is too low – you’ll also notice it in your skin hair & nails, your immune system & your mental health.

13) Being scared of muscle building.

So many people –  especially females, work their guts out exercising in ways that are not efficient at muscle building, & then give up when weightloss results are too slow.  Switch the focus to more efficient muscle-building exercises, & you’ll build heaps of little ‘fat burning machines’ all over your body & get much quicker toning results. Ladies, you won’t end up looking like a bloke if you start to lift a few weights – you don’t have the hormones for it!  Guys know how hard it can be to get huge muscles, they generally do have the hormones (& they’re trying)!

14) Food timing 

Some people find the weight miraculously falls off them when they start to have breakfast later or dinner earlier, so have a play around with your daily feed times. Ie intermittent fasting will increase your ‘akkermansia’ gut bugs, which seem to help push your metabolism away from the insulin resistant / diabetic state into a much healthier state.  

15) Going gluten free without considering food quality.

Junk food is still junk food, even if it’s gluten free. Going GF onto processed crap will not make you healthier or skinnier.  Crap is crap, whether it’s GF crap or not. Many GF foods (i.e. breads, pastas, cakes, bars, flours etc) are actually much higher in refined carbs (which convert straight into sugar once you eat them), than their gluten-filled but whole-grain alternatives. There is research showing that going GF can make you more prone to diabetes, obesity etc – this is why (not because gluten is protective or healthy – but because GF processed foods can often make you fatter than gluten-containing processed foods). Basically – if you just replace regular junk food with GF junk food, you’ll likely end up more insulin resistant & fatter. Be careful – GF does NOT always equal healthier.

16) Bread.

So yummy, so addictive, so easy, so practical, & it’s everywhere. Minimise it, & choose something unrefined, sprouted, GF & not too tasty! Overconsumption of bread is the enemy of weightloss for so many. Best options are generally found in the fridge in your local health store. Ie a sprouted buckwheat loaf is one of my faves. Chop slices thin, use them for toast & pile them high with super-nutritious fillings like eggs, avocado, hommous, tomato, mushrooms, asparagus, salmon, pesto, sprouts, nut butters…don’t make bread the main part of your snack or meal – use the minimum amount to carry your other good foods.

17) Being too busy / failing to prepare.

I’m totally guilty! You know what makes you fat, you know what you should be eating through the day but you forget / don’t make the time to shop for it, prepare it, carry it with you – so you end up eating sub-optimally through your own lack of forward-thinking & organisation. Write reminders & lists, set your phone, allow time, wake up earlier…get it together & you’ll see results!

18) Chronic constipation.

Some people are literally carrying around kilo’s of crap everywhere they go (along with a not-so-healthy gut microbiome). Focus on your gut health to optimise daily elimination, decrease gut-immune system activated inflammation & decrease the reabsorption of toxins from your overloaded bowel.

19) Unhealthy friends.

The people you hang out with can heavily influence your weight – think about it. You share your food & drink habits, your recipes, your cafe & restaurant outings, your social occasions & parties – even your excuses & attitudes to fitness – with your mates. Ask yourself “is this person likely to be my friend or my enemy on a health & weightloss journey?” You may need to have a heart-to-heart chat with a few mates or explain why you’ll be giving upcoming outings a miss. Or – ask them to help you out / join you. If they’re just not sharing your desire to get healthier, you might need to distance yourself for a while, until you’re confident you’ve really settled into some unshakeable & strong healthy habits.  

20) Environment / lifestyle.

You’ll need some serious changes or coping strategies if you’re working in a doughnut shop & you get unlimited staff freebies, if you love pies & have to walk past a bakery to get to & from work…if your apartment is on top of a sweet-smelling pizza shop…if your job involves 8hrs daily in front of a computer or behind a wheel…if your cousin owns a cake shop & delivers the surplus to you each week…if your work has a friday drinks or take away treat each week…  So many times, you can figure out little things that are totally sabotaging your efforts & figure out ways to change them.

21) Hydration.

Many times when you feel ‘hungry’ you’re actually just thirsty. Drink plenty throughout the day, take a bottle everywhere you go.

22) Make some trolley / shopping basket rules.

If it doesn’t get put into your trolley, it has less chance of getting into your fridge, & even less chance of getting into your belly & onto your hips. Just walk past, keep walking (even if the Tim Tams are half price – they are not welcome in your basket).  Avoid the junk food aisles where you can, ask family members to hide things that derail you (properly)!

23) Medication.

Ask your Dr or pharmacist if your meds could be influencing  your weight  (often they do), & if there’s a possibility to change something. Book into a holistic GP, or find a pharmacy with a naturopath who can work with your pharmacist & GP to find ways to better support your efforts.


I hope you found some useful info to help you with your weightloss – it’s the question that just keeps coming up, over & over. So many are struggling & the answer is not the same for everyone!  Love to hear what you’ve found most useful in your journey?

Changed My Life – FOREVER

So I sat down this afternoon thinking ok – I need to write a newsletter in the next 30mins, before the kids are finished school ? this might be a quick & mediocre one!!

But then (Thankyou Thankyou!!) I opened my inbox, & behold!! Something infinitely better than anything I could write (even if I had been ahead of schedule)! This customer is an inspiration to everyone – with or without gut issues, & has even shared some awesome tips for the gut-conscious travellers & sports people.

Sometimes it takes trial & error to figure out exactly what works for you, but the effort pays off big-time when you do figure it out ?

the email…

We arrived back home in Australia after five wonderful weeks holidaying around Europe. WOW it was amazing.

Every night for 35 days I would make up a small batch of Blend 11 for the next morning, which I would have with or without yogurt, because I could not read the French or Italian labelled yoghurts as most would have a lot of sugar in them and maybe I would add some fruit as an extra, if I had remembered to buy it. I forgot to take it for just 1 day and I knew about it the next.  

Let me explain, I have had Crohn’s disease for 35 years, 3 surgeries later and 1.5metres less of small intestine. I constantly have to deal with diarrhoea and the urgency to go no matter where you are, even on a European holiday.

Just four years ago on the 29th of July my intestine perforated, and this event changed my life forever. I had taken for 15 years autoimmune suppressant medication and my body was a mess, it just wasn’t healing as fast as the Doctors would have liked. After 10 long days in hospital and a stoma bag attached, I went home almost 10 kilos lighter and also my muscles had wasted because I just wasn’t able to move out of bed for 7 days.

That was hard, I have a selfie to remind me what I don’t want in my life anymore.

After 18 months of being extremely cautious due to major surgery and following medical advice to a T, I still had mild diarrhoea. Bugger. I start exercising at the local gym lifting light weights and absolutely hated it, but I knew I had to do things differently this time as my next hospital visit in the long term future possibly meant a lifelong stoma bag attached. That was ok as Blake Beckford became my online mentor, note photo insert below. If Blake could turn his life around and become the first male model in the UK with a stoma bag, I could do it? Check blakes website out and read his story.

Photo credit:

My Personal Trainer was fantastic and listened to me, he suggested that I start running. Just 10 weeks before the Bridge to Brisbane and a team of 10 gym members I did it. As I ran I still suffered mild diarrhoea but I loved the freedom of running, it was refreshing, exhausting  and energising all in one.  Over the course of 4 months I met a friend that recommended Blend 11 for constipation, I think he had never heard of Crohn’s Disease.  Another friend introduced me to some material on the Low Carb High Fat Diet, and another to Intermittent Dieting. I tried it all and everything worked, yep even the Blend11. I tested over 3 months cracking the combination of what would work and what would not.  All variations had some benefits, but ultimately together Blend11, running, LCHF Diet and Intermittent Dieting I had found after 35 years something that has changed my life. FOREVER.

I’ve run 10k maybe 100 times now even 21.1k around 10 times now.  I’m currently training for my first Marathon and I have my goal set on a 100k in the Blue Mountains in 2018. During my holidays, I discovered a town called Chamonix in France, it is famous for Mt Blanc some 4810 metres above sea level, yes snow on top. But the town is in a valley and absolutely filled with golden rays of warmth. But why I mention this is they hold every year many different trail running distance events on one of the most beautiful mountains on earth. I plan to run it over the next couple of years with a solid training plan and of course I will take my Blend11 the day before.

To the team at Goodmix and their Blend11 thank you, I couldn’t live without it now.

Dino B

..end email

I just loved hearing this! If you have a story to share – please do (especially on Wednesday afternoons)!

Jeanie Xx

Improve Your Insulin Sensitivity & Lose the Belly Fat!

flabby belly | what causes insulin resistance | goodMix Superfoods

Insulin sensitivity is something you need to know about if you struggle with your weight & nothing seems to work for you. What causes insulin resistance and how do you reverse it to help manage your weight and belly fat?

What is Insulin?

Insulin is a hormone that gets glucose out of your bloodstream & into your cells so you can use it for fuel, or store it for later use. When you are insulin resistant though, this system doesn’t work properly & glucose tends to just get placed into long-term storage (fat). The more fat you have stored already – the more insulin resistant you become, a very annoying cycle affecting many Australians today, which can ultimately prove fatal.

When you think insulin, you first think diabetes. But you should also be thinking: muscles and fat, weight loss and energy.

What Is Insulin Resistance?

When your body senses high blood glucose (ie after eating) insulin release is triggered (to get the glucose out of your bloodstream & into your cells for burning). If you’re eating loads of carbs all the time, your cells become less & less sensitive to insulin (it’s just always there), so you end up with constantly high blood sugar & high insulin, because your cells aren’t letting the sugar in to burn it. You are ‘resistant’ to the normal effect of insulin, no longer sensitive to its action. This is a bad situation – you’ll put on fat, lose muscle & feel tired & cranky too.

Feeling like you might already be insulin resistant? (Don’t worry – it’s not just you, there are millions of other Aussies in the same boat).

What Causes Insulin Resistance?

So just what causes insulin resistance and how do you reverse insulin resistance and become more ’insulin sensitive’ again?

Morning / Fasted exercise:

This uses up all of your left-over stored energy very quickly, & will force you to then rely on fat as a fuel source. Walk fast, or jog slowly, for 40-60 mins each morning (or as many mornings as you can, on an empty stomach. You can drink a black coffee (no milk or sugar) beforehand if desired, this can even help you burn fat. If you can’t exercise in the morning at all,, try a gym session anytime (weights) that will burn through all of your stored glucose, giving you an empty tank like when you wake up – & then do your 40-60min walk / jog / lower intensity cardio. You’ll get waaayyy more fat-burning bang for your exercise buck.

If you’re looking at what causes insulin resistance, you can’t ignore a lack of exercise as a big factor! Exercise really is the best way to become more insulin-sensitive, as muscle contractions increase the glucose receptors on your cell walls – allowing more sugar in to be utilised as energy (instead of it just ending up going into storage as fat).

Increase muscle mass & burn some fat:

The more muscle you have, the better your blood glucose metabolism will be. Muscle is so important for fat loss, even when you are asleep your lean muscle mass will be burning through fats for you.  Diabetics should read bodybuilding manuals, the info would help immensely (just ignore the fake tan & body oil sections).

Good fats:

You need omega 3’s to make your cell walls work properly, if you’re still eating bad fats (ie margarine / chips / biscuits / ’vegetable oil’ trans fats etc – your cell membranes won’t be working properly (things like glucose can’t get in easily to be utilised by the cells). Eat plenty of omega 3 fats, or take them in a supplement form if you hate fish. Only eat grass-fed animal products, avoid anything grain-fed.

Watch the Carbs / try Intermittent Fasting:

Decrease them (by a lot), so you give yourself a break from the constant insulin secretion. Trial intermittent fasting – if it feels good for your body, eat only ‘good carbs’, like berries & veggies, legumes, nuts & seeds. Less food (esp carbs) means less insulin secretion, which will mean you get more sensitive to it again over time (then you may be able to relax a little with your diet again.)


Use fibre to slow the release of carbs. Ie if you’re going to eat cake, have some nuts with it! Choose the carrot cake with walnuts, the bun with most seeds (or if you really want to get well – just back away from the bakery)! Focus on fat, fibre & protein & you will improve your insulin sensitivity.

Stress Management

When we experience stress (& cortisol release), it causes our blood sugar to go up. This is very useful if the stress is caused by something chasing us, but not good if we’re sitting at our desk, stressed by a work deadline or relationship issue. Obviously, if you’re stressed & running away, you burn the glucose, if you’re stressed & sitting…you’ll need more insulin to lower your blood sugar. Most of us are under too much stress (raising our cortisol, blood sugar & insulin constantly),so our body becomes desensitised & just tunes out. This is how prolonged stress can cause / contribute to insulin resistance.


Vitamin D is crucial for insulin sensitivity, maintaining lean muscle mass, strength, athletic performance, fat burning…along with so many other things!  Looking fat in your bikini is the best reason to get down to the beach in it!

Gut Health

Gut health cannot be overlooked when treating metabolic dysfunction – it can play a huge role in insulin resistance. Your gut bugs influence your levels of inflammation, your metabolism, how likely you are to crave certain foods, how you extract calories from them, & how your blood sugar reacts to what you eat. Obesity and diabetes can be “transferred” from one group of mice to the other simply by altering their gut flora. Some human cases of this have been observed with FMT therapy (where human gut bacteria is transferred from one person directly to another).

Blend11, our low-FODMAP, breakfast booster (although it can be eaten any time of day!) has developed a great reputation for helping people wanting to support healthy, comfortable digestion & metabolism. It’s gluten-free, vegan-friendly, keto-friendly, diabetic-friendly, IBS-friendly … basically it can be enjoyed by most people!


Smoking will make you insulin resistant, & also the people around you breathing it in. Your smoking could also be making your spouse and kids fat.


Bad sleep will make you insulin resistant – if you’re serious about fixing your metabolism, you must prioritise sleep.  Do not underestimate the power of quality sleep to heal you, & poor sleep to make you sick.

Some things that can help with sugar metabolism (get advice from your practitioner):

  • fish oil
  • apple cider vinegar
  • magnesium
  • fenugreek
  • cinnamon
  • aloe vera
  • turmeric
  • probiotics
  • prebiotics

…there are so many more, & best to see a professional who can choose what suits your case best, but feel free to incorporate more of the above mentioned into your diet.

Love to hear any questions or struggles you’ve experienced with weight loss. Just send me an email an I’ll do my best to get back to you ASAP.

Jeanie X

Preaching Gut Health to Beer Guts

Aussie Bloke - Slim Down
SPECIAL MENTION – goodMix Blend11 in the book !

Woohoo! We’re famous. Team goodMix is stoked to have gotten a mention in this awesome book: ‘The Great Aussie Bloke Slim Down‘.

Can every fat & clueless Australian male PLEASE read this short book over the holiday break. It’s simple, to the point & tells you what you need to do to go from ‘Fatty Boomka’ to fit again. Do it for your kids if not for yourself.

Ladies, just leave a copy lying around & tell him a visitor left it behind, & that it’s funny ;-)

Quote from the book…

“So what should you be eating instead?

My wife, meantime, swears by something called ‘The Good Mix, Blend 11’, which comes, I gather, from an equally valiant small Australian business, making 100 per cent natural food”. 

Converting the Holiday Crowd – It can get dangerous…

“What do I look like a hippie?” “That’s a bloody girl’s breakfast – looks like birdseed”. “Too healthy for me!” “Mate I don’t eat that crap – look at me!” “Can you soak it in beer?” “What – $43 a bag! I can buy 10 boxes of cereal for that price!” “Ya gotta be kidding me, best poos ever – I’ve seen everything now.

OMG. Just keep walking then, keep drinking your freakin slushie & eating your fries, we’ll see you next holidays wearing a size bigger. Or maybe we’ll just see your wife & kids – hate to say it but they might be better off without such a poor role model.

It is astounding that in Australia, in 2016 – there are still many intelligent (?), educated, mature Aussie blokes who wear their beer gut like a badge of honour, slapping it protectively when anything ‘healthy looking’ gets too close to it. Brad & I (& I’m sure the entire goodMix market team will agree) see sooo many inflamed, overweight, lethargic, unhealthy, unreceptive, poor-excuses-for-men that BADLY need some Blend11 for breakfast – or just anything besides the iced coffee, energy drinks, cereal & jam on toast they’re used to. They need it more than anyone, yet they have this weird wall of resistance…which cannot be broken through gently.

After a few years in the market game & many failed attempts, Brad has learnt to crack them. To my amazement, he can actually sell a bag of seeds to the classic beer-gutted Aussie bloke. Here’s a few points often used in his ‘sledge-hammer’ sales approach for these infuriating ‘too healthy for me’ belly-slapping kinda guys. He gets the message across in beer gut bloke language, but this is the basic content). Ladies – your man may need the sledgehammer approach too.

Wake up to yourself, your big beer gut is not a normal part of the male ageing process – it’s actually a giant red flag which communicates the following sad facts:

  • You will likely die 20-30 years before you should.
  •  You can’t participate in many fun activities anymore because of your weight
  •  You probably won’t live to see your grandkids (definitely won’t be up to playing with them)
  • Your sex life is sub-optimal (even if you’ve got a partner who’s ok with obesity, you won’t function as well as you once did  due to the sorry state of your circulatory system)!
  • Your employment opportunities are less
  •  People take you less seriously & you are less respected (plus you couldn’t catch them if they made fun of you anyway).
  • Your partner (who actually looks after herself), is probably checking out the lawn mower / pool cleaner / anyone who’s less ‘cuddly’ than you.

…beer belly not so cool now huh? Take another look at the stupid-expensive-organic-hippie-girlie-looking-soggy-birdseed-breakfast. Have a taste…hmm…It didn’t kill me. People aren’t staring at me. The world is still spinning, I just ate something ‘healthy’ & I didn’t explode. Or vomit…it was actually ok. Gimme a big bag then, ya bloody cheeky bastard. It comes with instructions doesn’t it? Seeya next year – if this doesn’t work I’ll knock yer block off! We often receive a disbelieving but thankful Facebook message from the missus a week or so later.

That’s how it goes at the holiday markets (unless they threaten to punch him right then & there, which has also happened). I cringe at Brad’s sales methods, & never EVER use them myself, but I can’t stop him because his never-say-die-I-will-convert-this-one-if-it kills-me attitude came about because he once WAS one of those guys himself! (Not like a really bad one babe, I’m sure you would have tried the taster but you kinda did have a beer gut & some cardiovascular issues at one point – I’ve seen the pics). Happy to say Brad’s one of the blokes who realised that beer guts were for losers & as a typical bloke, you can survive eating weird ‘healthy stuff’ until you get used to it. You do get used to it, your old food & drinks start to taste all wrong…& then you start to feel better. You look better, you function better…even your mood is better. There’s no going back!

Bring on the stupid-expensive-organic-hippie-girlie-looking-soggy-birdseed-breakfast! – Blend11

Watch the video interview with the Today Show.