Tips to Get More Goodness Into Your Kids Smoothies

Smoothies…I love them because you can sneakily hide so many nutritious (but sometimes scary) things in there!!

When you have kids in this day & age, it feels like your constant mission is to find ways to hide nutritious food in what they are eating, so that the overall ratio of junk to healthy food is kept as low as possible. Not always easy…but smoothies are definitely your friend here!!

My 12 year old daughter said this morning ‘mum, this is a pretty good green-smoothie’. I said yay – do you know what’s in it? Celery tops, lemon balm, some random salad greens from the garden…she stopped me there & said “ok stop, you’ll ruin it – it just tastes good ‘cos it tastes like pineapple”! And that is the key.

Don’t overwhelm kids with healthy additives when getting them started on smoothies, introduce things gradually or they will end up dreading smoothies, wondering what vegetable or foul-tasting superfood powder you’ve attempted to mask with some brightly coloured fruit.

Here’s a few great combo’s – the yummy, familiar-tasting ’masking’ ingredients & then all the stuff you’d never get them to eat much of without putting it through a blender!

Green vegetables & supergreen powders – work well with pineapple, banana, kiwifruit, pear, apple, or a combo. Baby spinach is a really soft green veg to start with – the texture shouldn’t be a problem like more fibrous kale or celery can be.  click to see a bunch of yummy PondWater green smoothie recipes

Nuts & seeds – work well with strawberries / raspberries for hiding the texture, & a good splash of vanilla essence for that kid friendly ice-creamy taste. Also some cacao can work really well here to hide any bitterness…& use a banana base for extra creamy sweetness. Start with small quantities & use the milder tasting nuts & seeds. Hemp Seeds blended into a banana or choc-banana smoothie are perfect starters for smoothie-skeptic kids (or fussy big kids)!

Carrots – use oranges & / or mandarins to mask these, the colour & flavours work well together.

Beetroot – goes well with a combo of apple & pear & red / blue berries. Beetroot is naturally quite sweet, but for starters it’s good to mask the earthy bitterness  & the fibrous texture with something sweeter & more familiar like apple & berries.

In all smoothies with a bit of texture – ice can be great to cover / make them more acceptable.

Have fun hiding things!

Love to get your favourite smoothie recipe – maybe I’ll feature it for a little smoothie pack ;-)

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Superfoods To Put In Smoothies: How to Stock your Smoothie Rack

So you’ve decided to finally get yourself healthy! High five, that’s a good decision – you even bought a blender / bullet…but what next?? What are the best superfoods to put in smoothies? Here is my smoothie must-have list!

….the smoothie rack lives next to the spice rack in any healthy kitchen!

Here’s the superfoods to put on your ‘smoothie shopping list’ & how to use them – so you can be the smoothie king or queen, with all the good stuff ready to  go, at your fingertips!

Put these on your shopping list asap!

1. Raw cacao powder – to give you a wake-up buzz, keep you relaxed but energised & alert (& young looking!)  Perfect for those times you need a bit of a kick, but not quite as much as a coffee. Cacao is full of magnesium to keep you calm & relaxed (it’s a super common deficiency, you probably need more), & also special plant chemicals to protect your heart & blood vessels, as well as making you feel alert & happy. AND…it makes a banana smoothie taste like chocolate. Combines well with berries, banana, maca, nuts, seeds, protein powders, coconut or greek yoghurt…a must have.

2.Turmeric – to soothe your inflammation, support your liver & keep you young inside & out. Add fresh chunks to all your green smoothies.

3. Chia seeds – to feed your gut bugs fibre, supply you with omegas, plant protein, stabilise blood sugars & keep you feeling  full. Chia has a neutral flavour, gelatinous thickening properties & should always be soaked prior to using (keep a mug of chia ‘jelly’  in the fridge for up to a week for use in your smoothies).

blueberry smoothie | the best superfoods to put in smoothies | goodMix superfoods

4. Pea protein – plant-based support for healthy immunity, strong muscles, blood sugar balance, beautiful skin hair & nails, & keeping you full & satisfied. Tatses a little ‘earthy’, but combines well with any maca, cacao, green or berry smoothie. Get used to it gradually & after a while you won’t mind it.  

5. Whey protein concentrate – same benefits as pea protein, just tastes more smooth & milky – gives your smoothies a creamy feel. Goes great with banana, berry, nuts, coconut, yoghurt, coffee smoothies…anything you want to make creamy & more filling.

6. Matcha – full of anti-oxidants, another one to keep you alert & energised, but calm at the same time. Perfect in a green smoothie – a little bitter, so get used to it slowly.

7. Flaxseeds – add in for smooth, supple skin (good fats) & to keep you full & regular. Like chia, flax are best soaked prior to using as they will digest much better & be gentler on your tummy. Keep them pre-soaked up to 3 days in the fridge, & add anytime you need good fats & fibre in your smoothie to keep you nourished & full.

8. Maca – used traditionally by warriors (& today by body-builders, athletes, average blokes & menopausal ladies) to make them strong, fast & …well, horny. Goes well with any cacao, banana, vanilla, coconut type combos.  

9. Coconut yoghurt – creamy, coconutty, dairy free deliciousness with good bugs for your tummy. Add anytime you want dairy-free creaminess. Combines amazingly well with any banana, cacao, coffee, mango, passionfruit, pineapple etc…so many flavour combos! (We highly recommend our friends at Pure n Free.  

10. Kefir – dairy or coconut / water kefir adds good bugs to any smoothie, any flavour. Just don’t overdo it as the tart / sour flavour can ruin taste if too strong.

11. Kombucha – more good bugs! Amazing added to green smoothies or anytime you want a bit of sweet, bubbly lightness.

12. Ginger – warms you from the inside! Ginger is a digestive tonic, great to settle nausea, gas & bloating & improve circulation. Awesome in green smoothies, or if you like a kick in your berry, pineapple or cacao flavours.

13. Berries – so vibrant & full of antioxidants. Use fresh or frozen blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, boysenberries, mulberries…or dried goji berries, inca berries, macqui berries. Awesome fruit as they are high in fibre & lower in sugars, making them some of the best superfoods to put in smoothies!

14. Greens – kale, spinach, parsley, mint, lettuce, cucumber, celery stalks & tops, mixed greens…just about anything green can be added (in small amounts to start with) to ‘salad smoothies’! Use a fruit to sweeten / make palatable – my faves to carry the greens are pineapple, banana, pear, & apple.

15. Avocado – good fats & dairy free creaminess! Great in any smoothie to make it more filling & nourishing.

16. Nuts / nut butters – peanut, almond, cashew, brazil, walnut…any nuts. Best to soak overnight / activate before blending.

17. Cinnamon – blood sugar support to stop your cravings & keep your energy stable. A must have in any banana smoothie, great with berries, or any vanilla / creamy /  coconutty smoothies.

18. Coconut water – add as an electrolyte replacement, perfect for post-workout smoothies or green-smoothie hangover cures!

19. Banana – sweet creaminess. Use frozen chunks or fresh, in any cacao, green, berry, vanilla, nutty or tropical smoothies.

20. Natural greek yoghurt – good bugs in a creamy, protein-rich dairy base. Works well in any creamy smoothie.

21. Vanilla essence – enhances the flavour of so many smoothies. Use it in banana, cacao, berry, coconutty or nutty smoothies.

22. Blend11 – it covers so many bases nutritionally & goes well in any type of smoothie…use it for broad spectrum nutrition, protein, good fats & prebiotic fibre to keep you full & satisfied! When it comes to superfoods to put in smoothies, Blend11 covers all bases as it contains a mix of so many on this list!

23. PondWater – goes into all my green smoothies to make them…greener! An easy way to increase your chlorophyll, especially when the fridge / garden is bare or you are travelling. Aloe vera & greens for energy, gut health, immunity, skin & liver support.

So there you have it! That’s my pick of the best superfoods to put in smoothies! I would love you to share with me your favourite smoothie recipe – you never know if it makes the cut I may send you some free product!

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