New Year New You – What’s Your Excuse?

Most Common Excuses “I can’t get healthy because…”

You may have one or more of these, or even a different excuse holding you back from getting healthy. There will ALWAYS be obstacles blocking your efforts, & you can either let them get in your way & give up, or you can find ways around them to still win at getting healthy! Make 2019 the year you stop blaming ‘something else’ for why you aren’t looking after yourself properly. Everyone thinks up reasons / excuses why they haven’t been doing what they know they should’ve been!  

I can’t afford it. It’s so expensive to be healthy!

YES, it is. Nothing worthwhile is free. Good food costs money, good advice costs money, & yes you’ll have to invest some time & energy. BUT – you will increase your energy & productivity, your mood will be better, you’ll look better, say yes to more opportunities, need less sick days, people will respect you more….getting healthy is an investment & it will pay dividends every single day of your (longer & more comfortable) life!! Invest in your biggest asset – the body that carries you through this life! You only get one!! Being healthy will cost you, but it will cost you way less than being unhealthy in the long run!

Free ebook to help : 9 Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget

I have injuries, so I can’t exercise.

Exercise the parts of your body that don’t hurt! If your back is sore, see a practitioner who can help with exercises that won’t hurt your back. This will help strengthen it so you can move more comfortably. You can always train some part of you, even if it’s only your hands, your feet or your butt cheeks!! Be gentle with yourself, but firm – an injury is not an excuse to just curl up & die. 


I have an illness so can’t get healthy even if I do try.

Sometimes it’s really hard, & you might need professional help. Invest in getting the help, & then start with one small habit you know you can implement by yourself (drink more water, or add in some herbal teas / a green smoothie each day, watch a funny movie, get some sunshine, do 5 mins meditation). One small step = a start. Remember – there are a lot of people who’ve been sicker than you & become healthy again, so it’s possible for you too. Your ultimate health potential may not be as high as it could be, but don’t underestimate the body’s self-healing drive.

I’ve tried so many different diets / plans but none of them really work, I give up now.

Hmm – there are many people who have been successful in turning their lives around too…maybe you are missing something? Plans are usually just a kickstart, & not everyone will get the same results. Ultimately it’s your everyday habits that determine your long term results. By all means use plans to help you along the way, but they will not do everything for you (& you can’t just throw in the towel & blame them when you don’t get the results you want!) Instead of giving up, try changing direction – get some advice on the best kickstart plan for you!

I don’t sleep well so have no energy to make any changes.

Sleeping well is a health necessity. But you can still make better choices whilst running on limited sleep (it’s harder, but it can be done).

  • Do some exercise even if you are tired (it will help your sleep in the long run).
  • Try to get morning sunshine
  • Get off the stimulants (yes, see if going without coffee helps you)
  • Start a nighttime yoga practice
  • Learn to meditate so you can do that in bed.
  • Meditation will help you feel rested & refreshed even with less sleep, & you may find yourself drifting off more.
  • Invest in a great mattress, pillows, make the temperature comfortable & block the light / noise out.
  • Remove all devices from the room, no screen time for at least 1/2 hr before bed.
  • Use some relaxing essential oils in a hot bath or rubbed into your skin.
  • Try changing the direction your bed faces.

There will be plenty of things you can do to support your sleep efforts.

I’m too busy looking after my baby / kids / ageing parents / partner & have no time or energy left for looking after me :(

You won’t be much good to anyone if you can’t carve out some time to look after you! You literally have to CARVE it out. Your baby / kids / parents / partner / need you to be nourished, energetic & calm. You need to have your own oxygen mask on your face before you can start looking after others! Modern day life is kinda like a plane crash – grab hold of your mask – take responsibility for looking after your own needs as a priority so you can be helpful to others around you. Caring for others needs to become your reason to look after yourself better, not an excuse to neglect your health!

My partner isn’t interested / is unsupportive when I try to get healthy so it gets too hard to stay on track. I just keep derailing.

Well if your partner is the total cause of your poor health, ditch your partner!! But not before you’ve been very honest with yourself (we tend to blame our partners for a lot of things that could actually be more to do with us). Is it really all your partner’s fault? Surely your partner wants you to look & feel your best – they might actually surprise you if you really communicate your needs. And if you can both be on the same page, supporting each other to get healthier it will be so much easier! If they really are resistant / won’t see where you’re coming from you may need to consider a break to get yourself on track.

If your partner is a smoker with no intention of quitting & you really want to, it will be really hard (but still possible, better with a break), if you want to cut down on sugar & your partner brings home Tim Tams every night & teases you it will also be hard but still possible – once again, take a break apart. You need to communicate your needs assertively (not aggressively) & if they really have zero interest in helping you with what you’re trying to achieve, you need to question if you’re a good team to keep doing life together.

My job / active social life means I’m always partying – eating junk, drinking, not sleeping.

Is your job worth sacrificing your health for? Are you maybe out-growing some of your friends? If you’re serious about getting your health on track this year, it may be worth re-evaluating a few things, like the people you spend most of your time with (surround yourself with people that you aspire to be like, because you will end up like the people you hang out with). 

My job is really sedentary so I can’t exercise enough.

Does your job take up 24 hrs 7 days per week? No – then that is not a valid excuse! Sorry :- /

My job is really physically taxing, & that is all I have the energy for.

I hear this from all the nurses / tradies / physical labourers – but just imagine how amazing a good stretch or a swim would feel for those tired, overworked legs & back at the end of a shift?!  If you have a job that keeps you active, great – but chances are you’ll be doing really repetitive stuff & your body will still be suffering because the ‘load’ is unbalanced – wearing you out in places whilst others remain unchallenged. Your energy may improve with some sort of exercise to help balance what you already do with work.

I’m just too lazy, I can’t be bothered putting in the effort to be healthy – I feel ok as I am & I am happy enough.

Well why did you even bother to read this?? If you are happy enough & don’t want to make any changes, don’t. Easy! But if there is a part of you that wonders what it would feel like to spring out of bed with energy each day & ditch the tracksuit pants & baggy tees for a bikini….then just try. Try changing one habit at a time. Get one change down pat, then move onto the next once you are confident you have it nailed. You may just surprise yourself – small steps are easy to take!

This year – try looking after your body as though it needs to last you a lifetime (hint – it does). Have this mentality clear in your head when you write a shopping list / are walking through the supermarket aisles, are deciding what meal to order / what food to put on your plate / tossing up wether to buy another pack of cigarettes / bottle of alcohol / soft drink / iced coffee. All the small decisions you make in a year add up the body you’re trapped in (or feeling great in) at the end of the year! All the times you were ‘too tired / too busy / not feeling it’ add up to the fact that your shorts no longer fit, or you’re puffing & red faced after a small flight of stairs. Stick a note or a picture somewhere you’ll see it daily to remind you to think like this every day! Value your health, if you’re still alive you’re luckier than many & you still have something to work with!

Make a list of the healthy habits you can start incorporating into your life from NOW! I’ve made a start with a habit suggestion below, even just adding this one habit in will literally change your life!

Check out how this amazing women went from overweight and unhappy to Bikini Model and stoked!

Habit Suggestion – Morning Movement!

Do some type of exercise first thing in the morning. Decide on something you can squeeze in, something you don’t hate (wether it’s 5 minutes dancing around in the kitchen with your toddler on your hip, as many chin ups as you can do in your doorway / garage, a burn around the block with your kid on a scooter, or a quick lounge-room yoga or pilates class from an app you’ve downloaded…just get into the habit of MOVING every morning, before you think about starting your day, to be healthy in today’s world, making time for movement is a MUST!!

If you make yourself tick that box before anything else for the day, you’ll succeed. It will be hard for 2 weeks if you’re not already in this habit, be prepared for some resistance! If you get through the first 2 weeks, you should be feeling so much better you’ll be motivated to keep the habit. If you start work really early & morning is just totally impractical for you, you’ll need to figure out another time of the day that will work, & commit to it. Ie – if there is a gym / sporting club you drive past on your way home each day – could be worth exploring. Or a friend’s place…or maybe adopt an energetic dog (they will demand an afternoon walk!) Can you cycle to work? Take the stairs a few times? Swim? Use a different train / bus stop that requires a brisk walk on your way home….if you are serious about feeling better you’ll find a way to make it happen!

You need to spend some time thinking of your own habits to start – what little steps can you realistically take this year to make it healthier than last ? Try listing 5 habits, but prioritise & just start with ONE, then once that one is in place, firmly in your life, try starting another. One good habit that you can stick to for months / years is more effective than a ‘total life overhaul’ that you give up on after 2 weeks!! Baby steps, small changes at a time, but just stick to them! One small victory will give you the confidence & self belief to attempt bigger goals later.

Happy New Habits!

Xx Jeanie

Aloe Vera And Spirulina Green Powder: Why This Combination?

glass of pondwater: aloe vera and spirulina green powder | goodMix

If you wondered about why I chose the ingredients I did when producing ‘PondWater’ read on! (Ther’s no tadpoles, I promise!) Aloe vera and spirulina green powder are a potent combination! Here’s what’s in Pondwater:

  • Pure Inner Leaf Aloe Vera
  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella
  • Barley Grass 
  • Spelt Grass

Aloe Vera – pure inner leaf gel:

I could have made PondWater MUCH cheaper had I left the aloe vera out, or decreased the percentage used (it’s 8%, not just a teeny bit to make the ingredients list look good).  I really wanted it included at a good therapeutic dose, because in the years I spent working in health stores & pharmacies I’d spoken to so many customers who swore by their aloe inner-leaf drinks, for numerous ailments – plus it has such a long history of helping with digestive issues.  Thousands of years of anecdotal evidence beats the latest clinical trial any day in my book!  I’ve always been a huge believer in treating the gut first & that all disease can be improved with some attention & TLC to the gut. So, aloe inner-leaf gel, as one of the most useful gut foods out there just had to go in, pricey or not! Imagine how many kgs of fresh aloe vera gel it takes to create just 1kg of pure dried powder, it’s a lot when you consider the high water content in the fresh plant, & that all the outer skins cannot be used.

We had a lot of ‘gut people’ already using Blend11, so I thought aloe would be a perfect addition to supergreens to help support gut microbial balance, the gut lining, as well as the things we can all use help with – energy, immunity, inflammation, skin, liver & metabolism.

As well as the long appreciated gut-soothing, prebiotic, anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial properties, there have been some very promising Aloe Vera trials showing improvements to blood glucose control, cholesterol & triglyceride levels, uric acid levels & many skin issues. Watch this space as more evidence comes to light, though for me it’s fairly obvious that a food / supplement / lifestyle change is doing good things when you can see positive changes in skin & an increase in energy (the 2 most common things people notice when using Pondy regularly).

*Note that PondWater only contains pure inner-leaf aloe gel, no latex – so it comes minus the anthraquinones found in whole leaf aloe extract. Anthraquinone is the bitter constituent found in the green outer leaf & latex which has some really negative effects like gut irritation, potential liver toxicity, & it acts as a harsh stimulating laxative. Be careful when harvesting fresh aloe yourself that you don’t ingest the outer leaf or the yellow stuff just underneath.

Spirulina & Chlorella:

Anyone who’s worked in a health food store longer than a few years gets a sense for ‘supplements that are mostly hype & will enjoy huge popularity then pass, but there are some real ‘stayers’. Spirulina & Chlorella are 2 of them, consistently popular for decades because people actually do notice a difference when they use them, & even more so when they run out! These tiny greens have been used as food / medicine for hundreds of years, beginning back in the days when foods (rather than chemicals) were our go-to therapeutics!

As well as being nutritional superstars with up to 70% protein, good fats, loads of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, trace elements & fibre (phew), spirulina & chlorella (like aloe) are ‘selective’ prebiotics. They have antimicrobial properties as well as playing a prebiotic role, supporting some of our beneficial organisms while suppressing some of the nasties. The soluble fibre they contain is metabolised by gut microbes into the highly beneficial, anti-inflammatory short-chain fatty acids (SCFA’s). The algal supergreens are similar to & very complementary to the actions of aloe vera – research suggests that they are all great food supplements for helping normalise blood sugars, triglycerides &  cholesterol. Perfect food-medicine for the average Joe & Jo-Anne, looking to lose a few kgs & get their diabetes & cardiovascular risk factors under control.

Barley & Spelt Grass:

Don’t worry – they’re guaranteed gluten-free! Our grasses are grown in Australia, specifically for the gluten-free market. They’re grown organically outdoors in soil & sunshine, then harvested & dried long before any grains have even developed, & batch-tested so we have no concerns with gluten contamination (as can happen with other grass powders). We have many gluten intolerant & coeliac customers doing really well on PondWater. Both grasses are highly nutritious (protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, trace elements & fibre). Once again – grasses are fantastic microbiome food, offering selective prebiotic benefits along with polyphenols to support a healthy gut microbiome. And if anyone asks ‘what about the famous cardiologist Dr Gundry? He says grass is toxic to humans & it makes dogs throw up & we can’t digest it (viral Facebook video, eyeroll emoji)…well think about this. Humans can’t actually digest any fibre. Our microbes do that for us, fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, beans, algaes, grasses – the fibre in all of them is food for our gut bugs to thrive on, not for us to digest personally, we can’t do it. And any vet (or anyone with a dog) will tell you that dogs often eat grass without vomiting afterwards, maybe they know it’s good for their gut bacteria? My bet is yes it is, the dog microbiome is really similar to ours. I’ve personally seen many people introduce a powdered grass supplement into their diet & feel much more energetic, notice changes in blood fats / sugars, skin improvements…maybe a side effect of the dreaded grass toxicity? I must be extremely unwell with all the grass I’ve consumed over the past 20 yrs, super greens are the one supplement I’ve included in my diet consistently since discovering them! And I’ve often shared with my canine buddies.

…& Nothing else?

I could have added a flavour, a sweetener, or some cheap fibres, protein powders, dried fruit & veggie powders…but I hate it when manufacturers add those ingredients into beautiful pure green powders! I much prefer to use fresh fruit & veg as natural flavours / sweeteners, & I’d rather eat my fruit & veggies & protein fresh – not quite as easy to get my fresh grass, algae & aloe in each day!

Green Smoothie

Aloe Vera and Spirulina Green Powder: A Potent Combination

So – the PondWater ingredients list is simple compared to many other green powders, just 5 ingredients. This was my intention to keep it really potent (from feedback it’s actually been so potent that we’ve decreased the initial suggested serving size on the packs). If your ‘greens powder’ has a massively long list of ingredients, you’ll likely be getting loads of cheap fillers & not many actual greens (one popular brand has 2g of greens per 12g dose), & none of the ingredients will be anywhere near a therapeutic dose (i.e. you won’t get enough of anything daily to really notice a difference). The name ‘PondWater’ just means that it won’t taste amazing, but at least you can take a green drink to work & declare that you’re ‘just having your daily PondWater’ to anyone who asks ‘what the hell are you drinking??’ with a disgusted look on their face!! It really freaks the kids out too, which is fun – but they’ll love it in a green smoothie! The taste can easily be masked with fresh lemon or lime (throw a few wedges & the peel into your shaker bottle), or it goes great with any green smoothie (see recipes). The benefits are well worth getting used to it, I promise!

If you can’t get Pondy check out my 5 best tips when buying supergreens


Aloe Vera
Did you know? Topically, fresh aloe gel is one of the best things for any of your ‘herpes family’ viral skin lesions – oral cold sores, genital herpes, chicken pox & shingles. For best results, apply frequently throughout the day at the very first sign of a flare-up or infection, it is very gentle & safe so you can’t overdo it. Obviously with anything that feels serious, or for an initial outbreak see your Dr (after applying some aloe)! Yay for safe medicine you can grow in a pot (& the plant is nearly impossible to kill, even if you’re normally the plant-killer type!)

Pondwater Mask

For a freaky-looking skin treat, you can use PondWater (mixed with water & clay powder) as a before-bed face mask (be aware you’ll look a little pink afterwards, but your skin will look & feel amazing when you wake up!) *patch test is recommended for sensitive skin, just to be safe.  Just leave it on until the clay dries out, then use warm water & a face cloth to remove (best done in the shower).

How to: plus 7 essential skincare tips!




Love to hear your feedback for PondWater – how’s your energy? How’s your skin looking? Any noticeable impact on your blood sugars, cholesterol or triglycerides? Anything else that you really notice! Let me know :)

Jeanie Xx


“I’m Gonna Get Healthy This Year’! Yeah Yeah…

“I’m gonna get healthy this year’! Yeah yeah, you say that every January!

You start out all gung-ho, but the new year motivation – a result of your Christmas overindulgence – only lasts until around Australia Day, or maybe Easter if you’re lucky!

So many diet plans are annoyingly complex & unsustainable, meaning you get results for a few weeks (IF you can figure out the system & incorporate it into your lifestyle), but then eventually it becomes all too hard & you chuck in the towel – deciding that ‘healthy is way too hard, the benefits aren’t worth the time, effort & sacrifices’.

This year – just keep it simple, & keep it up!

Remember the 4 easy pointers below (post-it note to yourself on the mirror) & stick to them for the entire year! The key to making healthy changes is being really consistent with something sustainable. You won’t suddenly get healthy from doing a hardcore, 2 week new year’s detox. It is a great kick-start, but it’s ultimately the little everyday things, repeated consistently that will shape your health over the year & for the rest of your life.

  1. Eat Clean: Decrease your processed food intake. (Ie additives, artificials, crappy fats & refined sugar & carbs).
  2. More Green: Add in 1 green drink daily & increase your green veggies. (Even the best of us could use a top up, & for the worst of us this could literally be life or death)!
  3. Less Screen: Decrease your screen time. (Sedentary = not sexy, cancel your social accounts for a while if you have to!)
  4. Be Keen: Get involved with others, join a class, take some lessons! Hang out with healthy folks – make getting healthy fun, not a chore! Think martial arts, dance, yoga, Pilates, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, skateboarding, cycling, kayaking, running, rock climbing, walking, gardening, bushwalking…there are sooo many things you could try! Just sign up for one & get into it!

…if you follow these 4 simple pointers in 2018, you’ll see awesome results…but for those needing a bit of a kickstart…


Some gut, liver detox & metabolic support will give you a huge head-start with your efforts – esp post silly season! And as an extra BONUS we’ll chuck in FREE SHIPPING (expires 26th January 2018), so get the Bundle Deal and at the checkout apply coupon code: Pondytime


How To Make The Kids Greens Powder More Drinkable (For Adults Too)!

glass of supergreens | how to make the kids greens powder taste better | goodMix Superfoods

If you’re new to super greens and keen to find ways to get your kids to drink it without a fight, my story will definitely help you! Greens are not easy to get down so here are some useful tips & tricks that have worked for me in making kids greens powder taste better! (It works for reluctant adults too!)

I remember the first time someone tried to give me a ‘Greens drink’. The schooner-sized glass was dark green, frothy & had lumpy looking bits clinging to the sides. It smelled like lawn clippings, but more pungent, kinda like ‘off’ lawn clippings.

My flatmate in second-year naturopathy was much more ‘experienced’ with superfoods than I – she’d worked in a smoothie bar / vego cafe, so knew her way around things like spirulina, guarana, tofu, lentils, wheat & barley grass…all very foreign to me as I was fresh off the family farm, where grass was for the cows.

She was taking it to fix an outbreak of vaginal thrush – something which we were all (my fellow naturopath students & party girls) a bit prone to from our fruit-heavy diets & alcohol-heavy weekends! We were 19 & conducting some informal studies on ‘detoxification’ on top of our naturopathy lectures. For the record, my party days ended not long after my naturopath course did – when I was 22, & we did discover some great natural hangover cures – but that’s another blog. 

glass of supergreens with lemon and blueberries | making kids greens powder taste better | goodMix

So back to the drink – I held my nose as advised, raised the murky glass to my lips, & embarrassingly could only manage one slimy gulp. YYYUCCCKKK!!!! Quick, rinse & spit!! There was NO WAY I could finish one of those, I said she could have her disgusting barley grass & I reached for the natural yoghurt (no fruit) & vowed to party less.

But then it seemed that everyone who was drinking variations of this vile green stuff at college was raving about it – not the taste, they hated that only slightly less than me – but the effects. Skin clearing, digestion improving, energy increasing…those are BIG. The people who were into greens were glowing (& not itching).

Months went by & I had to try it again. This time, baby steps. 1/4 of a teaspoon, mixed not just into water, but with some ice & a dash of orange juice as well (to desensitise the tastebuds & mask the grassiness). I still held my nose & tried to down it fast, & I think I managed half a glass before leaving it ‘for later’.

I continued with this method for a week or 2, gradually increasing my green powder & decreasing the juice until eventually I was able to down 1 heaped tsp of barley grass easily with just water & ice. The ice was key – greens are way less gross when they are cold! And shaken, not stirred is definitely the go (no lumpy bits). I found that protein drink shakers were perfect.

I tried spirulina & chlorella but they were a whole different level to the barley grass – greener, slimier, & stinkier – plus more expensive! I stuck to the grass, it was awesome – & my skin, energy & digestion told me if ever I got slack, it was true – this green barley stuff was magic! I was a greens convert.

Fast forward a few years to my first pregnancy, all the grasses were easy & I swore I would master spirulina. I bought the best value 1kg tub which cost me I think $90, at wholesale pricing! I was going to glow, my baby was going to glow…& I’d got a bargain, life was great! Unfortunately, I hadn’t taken into account the extra squeamishness of pregnancy / morning sickness, & I ended up composting most of that tub, barely able to finish my usual grass drinks on most days.

A healthy (if not glowing) baby was born, fed well & was pretty good with solids by 7 months. I still had the spirulina on the shelf when he was 1, so decided if it was ok in a banana smoothie, he could have some in his mashed banana (I had no blender, don’t know how I survived back then). He wasn’t a fan though & I didn’t blame him, so compost, chooks and the dogs got the rest :(

…a cutie sampling Pondy at the markets!

My second baby actually seemed to like the spirulina / banana mash – she guzzled it down! (I had more by this time as I could now stomach a half teaspoon mixed into my barley grass).

I went back to working in health stores / pharmacies when that baby was old enough, & greens were one of the products that pretty much everyone I spoke to walked out with! I always warned them about the taste, said to start slowly, use a shaker bottle & ice, & make sure they mask the flavour if squeamish. Sure enough, most of them came back very happy with the results – skin, energy & digestion were the most common improvements.

I know as a naturopath that when you can see skin results, good things are happening with the gut & liver too – skin is just the organ you can actually see from the outside, often a great reflection of what is going on with the internal organs. And energy – that is one of your main indicators of health & vitality, so skin, gut & energy improvements = overall good news.

Fast forward to 2015 when goodMix launched PondWater – I was so much of a green fan that I had to make my own! I knew that almost nobody really gets enough greens, & that everybody looks & feels better when they add more in…but I’d also seen some great gut results with Aloe Vera & read about some trials with type 2 diabetics / metabolic syndrome. So I thought, given that we have so many ‘gut’ customers, many who are insulin-resistant or needing some metabolism & blood sugar support. A greens plus aloe powder was a good idea to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

PondWater, as a 2-in-1 ‘greens plus aloe’ was going to support gut, liver, circulation & skin like a regular greens powder – but it would also have some metabolic support provided by aloe vera, a little help to get the glucose out of the bloodstream & into the muscles for burning as energy. Add in the immune benefits, the different nutrients & gut soothing benefits – & we would have a winner!

My babies are now teens – & they both take ‘Pondy’ willingly with just lemon & ice, or in a green smoothie, as they know it keeps their skin nice & clear (use the fear of acne to motivate your teens) & it provides awesome nutrition & energy to help with their sports. It wasn’t always the case, & I did get some very vocal objections at first! But I got around those using some of the below methods:

Tips For Making The Kids Greens Powder Taste Better

So if you’re struggling to get the kids’ greens powder to go down without a fight, here are a few tips that seemed to work for me. It may not be easy at first, but it is sooo worth persevering!

Cordial & water. 

Just use a small amount of the most natural one you can find, & use it ONLY to help get used to the greens initially, cordial is NOT something I’d normally recommend buying, but useful if it can help get you through the kids green powder ’yuck’ barrier! I know that ‘Ribena’ & some of the Lime ones work well for most, but use whatever you think will work for your family. Short term!


Another yummy sweet option, with a bit of fizz & the added benefits of probiotics. You can call this brew ‘Frobscottle’ (from the BFG book / movie) for kids! Use whatever flavour they like most, & add small amounts of greens powder begin with.

Pineapple juice & water with ice

Half / half cheap pineapple juice & water – freshly juiced is obviously best, but use whatever works to start you off, & this is easy, especially if you’re trying to get multiple kids onto it & there may be wastage! Once again, use only for the greens as juice is not something I’d normally recommend you buy! 

Coconut water

Adding coconut water to the kids greens powder just gives a mild taste & a little sweetness, plus a few extra minerals.

Fresh juices

Fruit & vegetables juiced, just add a tsp of Pondy & ice. Celery, cucumber, mint, lemon, lime, etc to keep it green & sugar free, but still a bit flavoured. Or you can add in some yummier things if you need, like banana / kiwi / pineapple.

Squeeze of lemon 

2 wedges or 1 half a lemon, squeezed into the shaker bottle & then throw the peel in as well. Rinse your teeth after lemony drinks & juices to protect your enamel.

Lime (same as lemon)

Mashed banana

With a fork, mash 1/2 a banana in a bowl with approx 1/6 to 1/4 of a tsp of greens (good way to get greens into bubs if you don’t have a blender)!

Green smoothies 

There are loads of recipes online (banana, mango or pineapple really hide kids greens powder well, & then add some green leafy veggies like baby spinach, celery tops, kale, mint etc). Check out all these smoothie recipes 

Protein Balls 

Add a couple of teaspoons to your protein ball mix when making them. Test to get the amount right – you don’t wanna ruin the entire batch by going overboard with greens!

Stir some into a not-too-hot meal

Works with a meal that has a strong masking flavour (this will only work in the dark or for little people unconcerned by the colour of their meal!)

A Few Things That Extra Greens Can Help With…


*Always ask your health professional first before trying, everyone is different & this is very general & just based on my own observations.

  1. Eczema, psoriasis, acne, boils, rashes, dry skin…pretty much any skin complaint responds well to extra greens.
  2. Blood circulation (which helps everything else, a healthy, well-functioning body depends on healthy blood cells & good circulation).
  3. Fatigue. So many nutrients, so easy to digest & a nice helping hand for your gut & liver too (overloaded liver & gut are often the problem with fatigue).
  4. Balanced Immunity – good gut = good immunity. Anything that helps the gut will also help your immune system. Not too reactive, but reactive enough is how we want it! Plus it has some great antioxidants & nutrients.
  5. Aches & Pains – Arthritis & fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue – all kinds of aches & pains seem to respond well to extra greens. It makes sense as anything you can do to decrease systemic inflammation (i.e. look after your gut flora & gut lining) will help with these. Also the immune-system-balancing effect of having a healthy gut.
  6. Mood – When your gut is happier, your brain feels happier too! They talk to each other, you cannot really seperate the gut & brain as they work so closely together. If one is out of whack, the other will be too.  Plus – there is a certain ‘I’m so healthy’! It’s almost the same feeling you get after a good exercise session…the ‘I’m being good to my body’ buzz doesn’t get much better than downing a big ugly green drink!

Love to hear your stories of how you get greens into the kids (or yourself)! Please leave a comment below or send me an email.

Jeanie Xx


28 key signs that your body needs a detox

Big weekends, the kids, bad diets, the kids, crazy work hours, the kids, and everything in between. You might not have had time to realize, but there is a good chance your body is just screaming out for a little detox.

So, we’ve made it super-easy. Go through this list & if you answer yes to any of these, you could benefit from our easy detox programme.

The more you say yes, the more your body needs help!

Take the Quiz!

Q1. You’re tired on waking. After a decent night’s sleep, would you rather roll over and sleep some more?

Q2. You have a poor morning appetite and are unable to eat breakfast straight after waking. Does the thought of eating food early make you feel queasy?

Q3. Rashes, acne, blotchiness, bumps, cysts, accesses, itching. Are these skin problems you experience?

Q4. Do you often suffer from vaginal thrush/yeast infections, or fungal nail, skin or scalp issues?

Q5. Feeling Bleh. Do you often feel bloated, swollen, ‘fluidy’ or puffy?

Q6. Poo time. Do you generally move your bowels less than twice daily, are constipated frequently, or have IBS, diarrhoea or irregular bowel habits?

Q7. Are you are really sensitive to chemicals, perfumes, strong smells and or alcohol?

Q8. Do you strongly crave sugar, sweets, carbohydrates, alcohol and just cannot go without them?

Q9. Do you often feel sleepy during the day, especially after meals?

Q10. Do you experience a lot of ‘brain fog’ (inability to think clearly / concentrate, fuzziness in your brain, poor memory)?

Q11. Do you have eczema, asthma, allergies, and/or hay fever?

Q12. Can you not tolerate alcohol like you used to, and get really bad hangovers?

Q13. Do you have frequent or constant aches and pains in your muscles and joints?

Q14. Are you carrying excess fat, especially abdominal fat, a pot belly, or a ‘beer gut’?

Q15. Are you moody, irritable, don’t cope well with stress, or suffer with depression or anxiety?

Q16. Do you have an autoimmune disease?

Q17. Do you have gallbladder problems or have had it removed due to previous problems?

Q18. Do you have trouble with your hormones? Such as PMS, bad fluid retention, irregular periods, skin breakouts?

Q19. Do you have bad breath and/or a coated tongue?

Q20. Can you not function properly without your morning coffee?

Q21. Can you not function properly without beer, wine, alcohol, prescription or recreational drugs?

Q22. Do you always have bad body odour?

Q23. Do you get frequent headaches?

Q24. Do you suffer with sinus congestion?

Q25. Do you frequently get heartburn or indigestion?

Q26. Are your triglycerides & cholesterol too high or out of balance?

Q27. Is your immunity poor? Do you seem to catch everything going around or get the most severe version?

Q28. Do you have puffiness or dark circles under your eyes?

How’d you go?

Are you some sort of super human and had all no? Or did you fall out of your chair at about question 18 thinking you may as well change your middle name to be tox!

If you finished with plenty of yes’s, or received none at all and wish to continue living the clean, green life; be sure to check out our detox bundle which includes a copy of our FREE rest and reset detox plan.

5 Best Exercises During a Detox

Your liver, bowel, lungs, kidneys, skin and lymphatic system are the main parts involved in keeping our bodies clean every day. Movement is absolutely critical to keeping these channels flowing – as it results in deeper breathing, more regular digestion, improved oxygenation & lymphatic circulation. So movement is a very important part of keeping ourselves ‘clean’ on a daily basis, & it’s also crucial to keep moving during a detox – we just need to ensure that the movement is supportive, & not excessively draining.

Most detox plans involve eating a lot less food than you’re used to & feeling somewhat depleted, meaning that your regular exercise schedule can be a bit tough to stick to, & adjustment is needed. Detox time is definitely NOT the time to be smashing yourself in the gym, entering sporting competitions or running marathons. BUT, staying active & moving gently is absolutely imperative to successful detox as it ensures your respiratory, circulatory, digestive & lymphatic systems are all powering along.

So – what to do?

# 1: YOGA

This would have to be number one best detox exercise. Not only will you be ‘squeezing all the rubbish out of yourself’ with the stretching / holding of positions – you will also be detoxing your mind with the meditation & relaxation benefits (most classes will include a brief meditation / relaxation component). Choose a gentle yoga if you aren’t a regular yogi, & if you are – just ensure you peg it back a notch & go easy on yourself. Imagine yourself as a dirty old sponge, getting a good old wring out! (Make sure you are really well hydrated before, during & after class to assist the wringing process – ever tried wringing out a dry sponge?!) No yoga classes near you? Check out some online instructors, or even just lay out a folded up thick blanket & do some of your own ‘ intuitive stretching’ – just feel which parts of your body feel really stiff, stagnant or achy & find ways to stretch / move them so it feels good.


My number 2. Not in cold weather, but definitely in the hotter months (which I much prefer for detoxing anyway due to all the ‘cold’ nature food / drink etc). Just ‘swim’ really gently, more bathing than actual swimming – you can soak up a dose of healing, energising vitamin D while you’re there – DO NOT BURN. The back & forwards from cool ocean to warm sand = awesome stimulation for your circulation & the sea minerals & fresh air are great too. Don’t miss the chance to give yourself a sandy whole-body exfoliation scrub too. If you don’t live close to the beach, find a natural rock pool / dam / lake / river & make it a mud pack!



Awesome fun & the BEST way to get your lymphatic system (the garbage disposal system) really moving. Probably not much fun if suffering from a caffeine withdrawal headache, but go for it after that passes! You can use one of those small rebounders, or hijack the kids / neighbours big one. Remember be hydrated & don’t attempt the crazy tricks you did as a child – just the standard up & down jumping is plenty for lymphatic support!


No long treks or uphill hiking adventures – just a cruisey walk through your favourite park / forest in the fresh air. Just do 10-30 mins once or twice daily, depending on your energy levels / food intake & baseline fitness, do some deep breathing & stretches along the way, & be sure to take your water / juice / herb tea in a bottle with you.



Not really exercise, but the perfect way to get things moving, especially if you’re feeling really tired or you have an illness / injury preventing even gentle exercise. Also perfect as it can switch your nervous system into the restorative ‘parasympathetic’ mode (most of us spend our days racing around in sympathetic (fight or flight / stress mode, which doesn’t support detoxification & repair). Choose any type of massage, a relaxing swedish or lymphatic drainage, stimulating reflexology or Thai, kahuna, hot stone…

…hmmm I think I need to start a detox! 

Jeanie X

25 foods to help you detox on a daily basis


1. Coriander

fresh herb & spice – use in cooking & salads. Helps detox heavy metals & a great kidney tonic.

2. Beetroot

Use in juices & freshly grated into salads. Liver tonic & blood cleanser.

3. Turmeric

Use in curries etc & juice or grate the fresh root. Liver tonic (speeds phase 2 liver detox) digestive tonic, antioxidant & anti inflammatory.

4. Whey protein

Use in smoothies, protein shakes. Great source of the amino acids needed to make glutathione (our body’s own most powerful antioxidant).

5. Chlorella

Add 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon to green drinks & smoothies. Helps us detoxify heavy metals & strongly alkalising.

6. Barley Grass

Add 1tsp to 1tbsp daily to water, fresh juices or green smoothies. Great source of superoxide dismutase (awesome antioxidant) & strongly alkalising.

7. Green Tea

drink several cups daily, or take in a concentrated tablet. Boosts metabolism & full of antioxidants.

8. Dandelion tea / coffee / greens

Just drink like normal herbal tea (plain hot water) or add the fresh greens to salads / juices. Powerful liver & kidney tonic.

9. Bitter salad greens

Add to salads, juices. Any bitter greens are good – the bitter taste stimulates the liver.

10. Aloe Vera juice

Drink the bottled juice, add a fresh fillet to your smoothies (strictly avoid the skin & yellowy bit just under the skin – use only the clear inner pulp). Heals the gut & great for immune system support, anti-inflammatory.

11. Linseed

Add a tablespoon or two of fresh ground or soaked overnight seeds to smoothies, breakfast, or raw balls etc. Cleans & heals the bowel, provides food for good bacteria & full of good fats.

12. Chia

Same as flax.

13. Pau D’ Arco (aka Taheebo) Tea

Use the bark as a tea, drink several cups daily. Strong antifungal so helps reduce candida / fungal overgrowth in the gut, which stops a lot of ‘auto toxicity’.

14. Pawpaw

Eat chopped up fresh or add to green smoothies. Rich in the enzyme papain to help digestion & assist with breaking down mucous.

15. Lemon

Squeeze 1/2 lemon into hot water first thing in the morning, or add to sparkling mineral water. Strongly alkalising & a great liver cleanser.

17. Apple Cider Vinegar

Take a tablespoon or 2 before meals, or add to salad dressings. Helps alkalise your body & improves stomach digestion.

18. Asparagus

Lightly steam, eat raw in salads, or juice. A diuretic & kidney tonic, one of the best sources of glutathione.

19. Brassica veg

i.e. cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale. Eat lightly steamed or in stir fries, or raw in salads. Help detoxify excess oestrogen & great for the liver.

20. Fermented foods

i.e. sourkrout, kimchi, kombucha, kefir, yoghurt etc. Eat as a side or drink Kombucha. Introduces good bacteria to our gut, aiding with it’s function & efficiency, which helps everything else work better.

21. Water

Kinda obvious, & not technically food but so important in detox & neglected by many! Drink (filtered) in herb teas, make fruit slushies with ice, sparkling or just plain. Fruit & veg contain lots too, so juice / smoothie them up! Our lifeblood, every aspect of detox depends on it!

22. Watermelon

Eat or juice in summer – add some ginger if eating in cooler months. Great for hydration & for it’s diuretic & bowel-cleansing properties.

23. Chilli

Use fresh, dried, infused in oil or in juices. Boosts metabolism, improves circulation & a great digestive tonic.

24. Ginger

Slice or grate & use in herbal teas, or a put knob through the juicer. Circulatory & digestive stimulant, promotes sweating & anti inflammatory.

25. Coconut oil

Use for frying, baking, in raw treats, smoothies, porridge etc. Anti-fungal so great to keep candida in the gut under control, also provides easy to digest & burn fats for non-carbohydrate based energy!


If you would like to accelerate the cleaner you – the Rest and Rest Detox Plan is a great step by step guide designed by Jeanie (our Naturopath) and its free on its own or in the bundle pack.


Four Simple Ways to Get Healthier Through Food

As a naturopath and mother of 2 kids, I use a huge amount of time and energy trying to create nourishing, healthy food which actually gets eaten, (and hopefully enjoyed)!

Years working with and observing sick (and healthy) people in healthfood shops and pharmacies has taught me a lot. Food plays a MASSIVE role in how we feel, our energy levels, what sicknesses we get, our general quality of life and how our kids grow and develop. If you look around the average classroom today, most of our kids are fatter and sicker than ever before and when you look inside their lunchboxes it’s pretty obvious why that is…then add computer games into the equation as the main recreational activity, and duh! We are all too busy to cook and provide what they really need (real, natural, nourishing food) and heaps of outdoor play / physical activity. Even some of our parents were too busy when we were kids, so we just never learnt how to use a kitchen properly, how to shop properly and what a wholesome daily household menu should look like. The pantry cupboard of today looks completely different to those just 2 generations back, and unfortunately we’ve gone backwards in the ‘nourishment’ department. Blame food companies and advertising all you want, but seriously guys – the information is out there now for everyone, all over the mainstream media and internet – we KNOW this crap is killing us and our families – and for the sake of convenience? Well it’s pretty inconvenient having your family suffer major, preventable illnesses which develop as a direct result of eating out of convenience too, yeah?

So what are we going to do about this – how can we get healthier through food? We can’t slow down the pace of our world or ban dodgy food producers from stocking our supermarkets, but here are some simple ideas that can make a world of difference.

1. Get educated

Do a short online course, work with a personal trainer or natural healthcare provider, buy a couple of good books or get some from the library, subscribe to a healthy eating / fitness magazine, pick the brains of a ‘health-freak’ friend, relative or acquaintance, listen to podcasts while driving, like healthy companies on Facebook to get the tips – whatever it takes, whatever works best for you – this is NEED TO KNOW stuff! No-one else is going to save you or your family, and there is no valid “but we didn’t know” excuse anymore. Your kids might hate you a bit during the transition period if they can’t eat all their old favourites every day, but they’ll probably hate you more if you just let them become obese, pimply, unhealthy teenagers / adults through your own poor habits, ignorance and laziness!

2. Shop smart

Be careful in the supermarket – a lot of the shelves really are chock full of absolute garbage in disguise as proper food. When you go there, your trolley should be mostly vegetables, fruit, some quality protein (eggs, fish, meat, nuts, beans, legumes, seeds, quinoa, chia, natural yoghurt etc), some good oil / fats (macadamia, olive and coconut oil, butter, ghee). Pick up some tamari, a few tins of tomatoes, some herbal teas, natural nut butter; herbs and spices for flavour, sauces and seasoning; maybe some plain rolled oats, unsulphured dried fruit, a tub of good quality hommus (check for vegetable oil and preservatives) and that’s about it. Grab some toilet paper and whatever laundry / dishwashing needs, then GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE, leaving behind all the pre-packaged, preserved, flavoured, sweetened, coloured, modified, hydrogenated, processed, extruded, shaped, individually-wrapped serves of ‘food’ in the middle aisles.

3. Learn how to read a food label

Before something goes in your trolley / mouth, you want to know what it’s made of. If your kids can’t read, you need to be in charge here. Basically, look at the first few ingredients, and if they are all things you know your nanna would have had on the table, its probably ok (just watch sweeteners though, sugar and many sweeteners are natural and also pretty poisonous in large quantities). If the list of ingredients starts to look like a chemistry textbook or mathematical problem, back on the shelf with it – numbers and big words are generally bad news (with a few exceptions – but the ‘chemical maze’ app or booklet to help decipher numbers and chemicals).

4. Consider the environment and the creatures we share it with

Choose products with minimal packaging, companies who use responsible / sustainable / organic / local ingredients, animal products should be kept fairly minimal and all be free-range, grass-fed and organic wherever possible. The best way to gather food that’s good for you, the planet and the community is to find a local farmer’s market in your area – usually the produce is heaps fresher, grown more naturally and cared for in a way that mass-producers just can’t, and you’ll get to ask questions about where things come from, how they’re produced, how to prepare them, what nutritional value they have etc. Also a fantastic learning experience for kids – milk doesn’t just come from cartons!