Something all Mums Would Love May 14, 2017


Please can somebody make our mummy lives easier by taking all that crap food off the shelves??!! Please stop making it, selling it & advertising it to our kids! It causes us a lot of premature grey hairs & wrinkles, fighting with the kids over what they can & can’t have, & trying to explain why.  Not fun for mums – or kids!

Just get rid of it = problem solved!!

Imagine saying to the kids when they ask “Mum, what can I have to eat?” “Darling you can have anything you feel like from the shop / fridge / cupboard / tuck shop / foodcourt”.  Bahahaha!!  If only!

Imagine if they didn’t even have to ask – you just knew & could trust that everything out there designed for human consumption was good for them, cos that was the law / requirement in order to sell it, & there were no more food battles. Sigh. Life would be sooo much easier!

What if we could make every mum’s job easier by taking away all that food stress? She could relax, knowing everything available to purchase for her family was basically nourishing. Shopping would be a breeze…& mealtimes…just imagine it! THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE!

We need a strong system in place for regulating the ‘food’ that ends up in our supermarkets, trolleys, tuck shops, pantries, lunch boxes & tummies. Education & the star-rating system (lol) is not enough – we need something tough in place higher up the chain to take the pressure off mums, & put it onto the food producers & sellers.  

We know the damage cigarettes are doing us (the pics are all over the packets), yet we can still go buy them – ludicrous! Who makes that kind of decision?? Are we going to start seeing graphic health warning pics on the front of chip packets as we’re packing kids lunch boxes?? But still be able to keep buying them??

Come on – we need better standards around what is allowed into our food supply, & to just get rid of the stuff that is not serving us! Is the $$ earned through the sale of these products really worth the cost to our country in healthcare & lack of productivity that come as a direct result of allowing this crap onto shelves for purchasing?   

If the government can financially incentivise families to increase vaccination rates, surely we can consider rewards for parents doing a good job of feeding their families well & keeping them healthy in other ways? Or a financial slap for the families who aren’t making any effort?

What about support for the food stores & companies trying their best to produce & sell ‘actual food (definition = “nutritious substance that people eat or drink in order to maintain life and growth”). And making it difficult for the unethical companies to keep churning out their cheap, unhealthy pretend food?  

Sadly – the percentage of ‘edible stuff’ in the average Aussie food shop that really ‘maintains life & growth’ is low!! Stand at the supermarket register for a few hrs & take a look at the crap going through. The only growth it’s maintaining are our waistlines & the bank accounts of the food & pharmaceutical giants.

I see so many poor kids walking around with their seemingly uneducated or unconcerned parents, & I often wonder ‘is that kid gonna feel like sueing her mum when she grows up, for all of her diet-induced health issues?’ I think in many cases, the answer will be yes! In this country, in this day & age – it is parental negligence to not make an effort with your kids diet. The problem is that it shouldn’t be that hard for parents – much of the effort required is because fake food is everywhere now – it has become the norm! These kids are not given a chance to live a long & healthy life &  reach their potential. They will struggle from childhood, & for their entire life will pay for the negligence of their food providers during those important growing years. Not fair, & not good enough!!

Surely the massive cost to the Australian taxpayer of caring for the obese & unwell adds up to a figure worth doing something about? Shall we build a fence at the top of the cliff now?…or just keep the ambulances flowing to the bottom??

Pass me a cigarette & a softdrink, while I make a free appointment to see my Dr (taxpayer’s shout) for my heart disease, cancer & diabetes!!!  Insanity.

My Mother’s Day gift idea = mum’s of Australia unite vs whoever we need to battle to make this change!  So our daughters & grand daughters don’t have to deal with the food-stress induced grey hairs & wrinkles!

Who’s with me on this one mums?

What do we want? LESS CRAP ON THE SHELVES!!  When do we want it? NOW!!

What food solutions do you need? What would make your life easier…we’ll try to make it into a product & get it out there! Love to hear your good food ideas – what causes your family the most food stress, & strategies you’ve come up with to decrease food stresses!

Jeanie X