Research Related To The Gut, Microbiome & Butyrate

Blend11 has been shown to increase gut microbial butyrate production (CSIRO in vitro fermentation trial 2018). Here are some links you may find interesting about the gut, the microbiome & butyrate. 
Butyrate & IBS 
Fibre & SCFA production 
Gut Microbiota, Fermentable Fibre & SCFA’s.

Bifidobacteria and Butyrate-Producing Bacteria: Importance and Strategies for Their Stimulation in the Human Gut

Butyrate-producing bacteria supplemented in vitro to Crohn’s disease patient microbiota increased butyrate production and enhanced intestinal epithelial barrier integrity
Faecal SFCA’s – a Diagnostic Biomarker for IBS.
Colonic Butyrate-Producing Communities in Humans: an Overview Using Omics Data!po=0.735294
Dietary Fibre, Prebiotics & the Microbiota.

Revealing the Bacterial Butyrate Synthesis Pathways by Analyzing (Meta)genomic Data
Resistant Starch Regulates Gut Microbiota: Structure, Biochemistry and Cell Signalling 
Crossing barriers: Infections of the Lung & Gut.
Diabetes, Gut Microbiome, Butyrate & Tuberculosis Susceptibility.
Diabetes, Gut Microbiota & Flaxseed oil.
The Brain, the Microbiome & Ageing.

Gut microbiome, Butyrate & Lung Inflammation.
Gut Microbiome, Butyrate & Bowel Cancer Prevention.
Non-coeliac Gluten / Wheat Sensitivity.
Butyrate & Obesity / Weightloss.
The Role of Short Chain Fatty Acids From Gut Microbiota in Gut-Brain Communication.
The Gut Microbiome & Ageing;year=2019;volume=5;issue=3;spage=124;epage=129;aulast=Heyck
Gut Microbiome & Memory.

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