Reflect, Relax and get Gut Healthy December 30, 2014

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Was 2014 a tough year for your gut?

So 2015 is almost upon us, & the start of a new year is always a good time to have a little rest & do a bit of a clean up! It is only when we slow down a bit & take some time out from our crazy schedules that we can see clearly what needs doing / changing / fixing / cleaning / sorting out around us.


Clean up the house, the cupboards, the yard, the digestive tract….WHAT??  Yes, the digestive tract! It’s the most overworked & overlooked part of us (especially at this time of year) & we just expect it to work well with no rest or maintenance, under constant pressure & with new challenges on a daily basis.  Having a healthy gut is the cornerstone of being generally healthy – our skin, our immune system, our liver, our hormonal balance, cardiovascular health & even our mental / emotional state are all strongly influenced by what’s going on inside our gut.  Inflammatory conditions, auto-immune diseases, obesity, eczema, psoriasis…the list of (seemingly unrelated) symptoms that can improve significantly or even vanish once the gut is functioning properly is truly endless.  For most of us, our gut seems to be able to handle pretty much whatever we can throw at it when we’re young, but it all just starts to catch up as we age!  If only it could take just a little break now & then, just a few days off to rejuvenate & repair.


Enter the ‘detox’ – you may have heard the term or know someone who swears by doing one regularly.  If you’ve never tried one personally, do yourself a big favour & give your gut some space to ‘rest & reset’ this Summer.  Summer is a great time to detox as there’s such a focus on cold, raw foods which are not so great in the colder months, & many of us can have a little break or at least be a bit less busy to allow some time to focus on cleansing the system for a few days.


There are loads of different ones to choose from, some great & some not so, but here’s one which is pretty easy & works really well for most people.


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Note: (Always get the nod from your healthcare professional before embarking upon any detox programme, particularly if you are taking any medications or have any pre-existing health issues).