Tutti-Fruity Balls

Lunch box friendly

Make 3 or 4 different fruit ball flavours in one quick session!
Get the kids to pick their favourite – lemon, lime, orange & passionfruit all work well.


1x 750g Fruity BallBag
Assorted fresh citrus – ie lemon, lime, orange…& passionfruit if it’s in season.


1)Tip BallBag mix evenly into a few different bowls.
2)Using a different juice or pulp for each bowl, add liquid until the mix becomes soft & squishes easily into ball shapes. (Use your hands to knead / squeeze the liquid into the dry mix. Hint – mix lightly, leave for 15mins & then do the squishing / squeezing part, adding more liquid if needed as you go.
3) Shape into small kid size balls, & store in the freezer.
Optional Extras: add finely grated zest to citrus balls, roll balls in dessicated coconut.

Serves Approx

Loads of little balls

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Brad & Jeanie