Dark Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs

These are amazing if you are a fan of both jaffas & cherry ripe…they’re a little like both, but better cos they actually taste ‘real’! So yum.

1x large LunchBox Friendly ‘Fruity’ ballbag
50 drops of orange essential oil (or 4-6) teaspoons of zest & a good squeeze of fresh juice)
a little water if not using juice (approx 5ml), add more slowly until the mix squeezes easily together, like play doh
melted quality dark chocolate

Melt chocolate in a double saucepan
Combine orange oil (or zest & a squeeze of fresh juice) with the BallBag mix
Mould into eggs & freeze for approx 10 minutes
Use a skewer / fondue fork / toothpicks to hold them whilst dipping into the melted chocolate
Allow the chocolate to go hard before placing carefully onto a tray, then into the fridge.
Pop some into jars for healthier, handmade Easter gifts!…or you could just stash them in the fridge…hmmm

Serves approx
Depends how much restraint you have…approx 50 small eggs


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