Chewy Choc-Top Fruity Bars

These Fruity bars are perfect cut into small chunks for snacks, or small bars, like an orangey-fruity cherry ripe.


Small fruity Lunchbox Friendly BallBags
200-300g of activated NeoBlend (depending on how fibrous / soft you like it)
1 block of quality dark chocolate, melted in a double saucepan
50 drops of orange essential oil (or 3 tbsp of zest & a little juice)


Place all ingredients (except the chocolate) in the blender, & buzz until well combined
Press firmly into a baking paper-lined tray (to approx 7-8mm thickness)
Place in the freezer for 15 mins or until well set.
Cut into bars, then dip one side carefully into the chocolate, & place into a container to store in the freezer.

Serves approx

Lots of small chunks, or approx 15 bars.

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Brad & Jeanie