Bliss balls are the perfect afternoon snack, dessert, or even morning tea…especially for busy lifestyles as they only take minutes to make & last for up to two weeks. Totally good for you & hit your sweet-tooth cravings right on the head.


10 pitted dates
1 cup of Goodmix superfoods – BLEND11
2 tablespoons raw cacao powder
1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted


1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor
2. Roll the mixture into your bliss balls (using about 1 tablespoon of mixture per ball) OR into biscuits (for Raw-oreos)
3. Optional – Coat balls in your choice of coating for extra super-superfoods (i.e. coconut, chia seeds or linseeds)
4. Store in fridge + last for up to 2 weeks

Serves approx

14 balls

See more amazing creations by: Taylah Hemming

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Brad & Jeanie

7 thoughts on “BLEND11 BLISS BALLS / RAW-OREOS

    • Jeanie says:

      Hi Jacqueline Sarah – this is one recipe that I’ve actually not trialled! Taylah may be able to help with this, as the recipe creator. I would just say that they’d need to be stored in the freezer if you wanted to keep them 2 weeks & the Blend was used activated / pre-soaked. If you try it with dry mix, you may need to add a little more liquid as you go along, but if you try it with activated Blend11 & it’s too moist then add something absorbent (coconut flour & a little more cacao would probably work really well here I’m thinking, but then more sweetness may be needed). Hmm – now I want to make some, the pic looks so good!! I’ll trial the recipe & adjust the instructions so it’s clearer! Thanks fort the question / heads up!

      • Jacqueline Sarah says:

        Thanks Jeanie. I tried this with the dry mix and did need to add some more liquid so added a bit more coconut oil and some water. They turned out great. Nutrition wise, how would this compare to using an activated mixture? Thanks Jeanie!

        • Jeanie says:

          Oh great – glad they worked out well! Nutritionally you’ll get much more from the seeds in Blend11 when they are activated. The germination enzymes released will start to break down the stored starches & proteins & mean that instead of a ‘locked up’ dormant / protected seed, you’re eating a metabolically active ‘alive’ seed that is doing a lot of the digestion work for you. The water also causes the seeds to swell & weakens their tough outer coating so it’s easier for your digestive juices & gut bugs to get into all the goodness! However – as this recipe is well blended / crushed in the food processor it’s less important to soak than if you were to eat the seeds dry & whole – the food processing will make it easier to break down but you’ll still be missing out on all the enzyme goodness!

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