Winter Breakfast Recipe

Blend11 winter style 002

It’s so nice in winter to have hot porridge for Breakkie – but adding a bit of crunch & extra nutrition to the top just ‘completes’ the bowl! You have to try this easy winter breakfast recipe.


Blend 11, activated
Vanilla essence
Himalayan salt
Fruit to top
Maple Syrup


Place oats in a saucepan, approx 1/2 cup per person. At night boil the kettle, then pour over oats until well covered. Leave on stove until morning.
In the morning, add a pinch of salt & vanilla essence (or leave plain) & heat until steaming, stirring & adding more water if required as you go. Serve & top with Blend 11, some fresh fruit & a sprinkle of cinnamon or a drizzle of maple syrup.

Serves approx

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