Rocky Road Delight

decadent rocky road

A decadent blend of dark choccy, cherries, toasted hazelnuts, coconut & fresh figs! But you could use strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apricots…& any nuts / seeds to go with! Be inspired by what you find at your local farmers markets.


1 x 375g Bliss Ball mix (plus 45g of coconut oil).
1 or 2 small blocks of quality, 70-80% dark chocolate (approx 150 – 200g, I used Lindt).
200g (approx) of Hazelnuts (toasted gently – they burn easily so keep an eye on them!)
3-4 fresh figs diced into small pieces
4-6 fresh cherries diced into small pieces
1/2 cup (or to your preference) of coconut flakes (also toasted if preferred).


1) Melt the dark chocolate in a double saucepan & put the nuts & coconut in the oven to toast (seperate trays in case they cook unevenly). Spread them out, & keep checking & tossing every 2 minutes or so.
2) Mix the coconut oil thoroughly into the Bliss Ball mix with your hands while the chocolate is melting.
3) Combine the melted dark choccy & Bliss Ball – coconut oil mix well, & press a 1cm thick layer into a silicone loaf tin (or baking paper-lined metal tin).
4) Gently press the hazelnuts, & pieces of fig & cherry into the soft choccy mixture, being careful not to squish them too much!
5) Layer some coconut flakes over the top.
6) Cover with another layer of the choccy / Bliss Ball mix, gently moulding & pressing together until not too many gaps are left.
7) Refrigerate until set, then slice into squares carefully.
8)  Serve to any chocolate lover for dessert…or as morning tea…or with a cuppa…heck, even for breakfast ;)

Be mindful that the figs & cherries will only stay fresh for a couple of days. (That can be your excuse to eat lots, hate to be wasteful;)

Thank you to Jeanie for this recipe!

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