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Reset your body & mind with this powerful detox drink.

4 x powerful, nourishing greens plus the healing Aloe powder concentrate. Lemon juice is a great alkalising and supports the liver to get rid of those nasty toxins. Celery juice contains natural electrolytes so it’s great to keep hydrated as well as being a mild diuretic to support lymphatic drainage. Cucumber is a great source of vitamin A,C and K and silica and helps reduce fluid retention – the beauticians using cucumber eye patches had it right!

1 large cucumber
2 stalks of celery leaves included
1 lemon
2 tsp Greens + Aloe (this is a double dose)
1 apple(optional)

1. Juice the cucumber, celery and lemon. If you prefer a sweeter juice add one Apple
2. Mix in ‘Greens + Aloe’
3. Drink and detox

Serves approx

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