Keto Friendly Breakfast Jar

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Perfect to prepare the night before, this gluten free, grain free brunch in a jar is the perfect portable meal for those wanting to break their fast with something nutritious a little later in the day! Perfect for those looking for a keto friendly breakfast or doing intermittent fasting.


50g Blend11 (keto friendly & low FODMAP), or the Paleo friendly NeoBlend
Water to almost cover Neo
Natural unsweetened coconut yoghurt (Pure n Free is our fave)


1. Pour some dry NeoBlend (or Blend11) into a jar.
2. Add water, almost to the same height as seeds (fully moisten, don’t have them drowning).
3. Layer with coconut yoghurt, berries & cinnamon.

4. Refrigerate overnight (covered / lid on), ready to take with you in the morning.

Serves Approx

1 hungry late breakfast eater!

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