Naughty Ballbag Truffles


When you find out you have guests turning up in half an hr, these Bliss Ball Truffles can be made & popped in the freezer lickety-split, ready for an after dinner indulgence that is very nice & only a teeny bit naughty! Beautiful served with a coffee.


– 1x Bliss Ball Mix 375g
– 20mL Coconut oil
– 30mL Kahlua
– 30mL Baileys
– 10mL vanilla essence
– Chocolate moulds


1. Mix coconut oil & vanilla essence into dry mix
2. Split mixture into 2 bowls
3. Add 30mL Kahlua to one bowl, & 30mL Baileys to the other bowl.
4. Use hands to mix / combine evenly & press into chocolate moulds.
5. Freeze until ready to serve.

Serves Approx

approx 30 pieces

Thank you to Jeanie for this recipe!

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