Natural Nutty BB_Ke

A real food, nutrient dense, protein bomb that serves as the perfectly-nutty snack. The in-between and on-the-go energy stabiliser. A healthful snack helps deter cravings & maintain overall well being.



400g activated goodMix blend11 (soak approx. 2 cups of dry mix)
170g almond meal (grind raw almonds – 2Die4 Live Foods Activated Nuts)
25g (8 tspns) Inca Inchi powder (Changing Habits brand)
2 ½ tspns cinnamon
½ tspn Himalayan salt
160g medjool dates, blended into a date paste (approx. 13 dates) or sweetener of choice
2 tspns vanilla extract (Chefs Choice is great brand)

Coconut for rolling balls in, approx. 50g.


**Activate your blend11 overnight, ensuring not to make it too wet!

Grind almonds into a meal consistency, until fine.
Remove seeds from medjool dates and blend until forming a ball, sticky and paste like. A bamix bowl/blade set is perfect for this job.

In a mixing bowl, combine all ingredients and mix with your hands or a wooden spoon until well combined. Your mix should form nice balls to roll into coconut or other desirable coating. If by chance the mix is too wet/sticky to form balls add a little more almond meal. If a tad too dry add a little more of a moist ingredient, or simply moisten your hands with filtered water.

As with the activated goodMix blends, I advise refrigerating balls for no more than a few days. Preferably, freeze bliss bombs to keep for a time, allowing time to defrost in the fridge before serving.

Serves approx

Makes Approx 15 balls @ 50g each


Thanks to Kerry Eulenstein for this awesome Natural Nutty Bliss Bombs recipe!!
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