Melted Neapolitan Ice-Cream Smoothies


When I was a kid we used to get the ice-cream that was 1/3 choc 1/3 vanilla & 1/3 strawberry….I always wondered why the heck they called it ‘Neapolitan’ when it was clearly choc-vanilla-berry. (???) Wikipedia says the name reflects the ‘presumed origin’ of the dessert – Naples, Italy, & it could be any combination of 3 flavours, but the choc-vanilla-berry combo was the US fave when they introduced the fancy desserts over there. Anyway…this smoothie reminds me of that ice-cream, all flavours a bit melted & mixed together!

Tip – Use plenty of vanilla, & make sure your berry blend contains some blackberries & strawberries to get that real ‘Neapolitan’ flavour!


4 tbsp of Blend11, soaked overnight.
4 heaped tbsp of Pure n Free chocolate coconut mousse
Frozen Banana chunks (1-2 bananas, the more banana you use, the sweeter your smoothie).
1 cup of Frozen mixed berries (works best with blackberry, strawberry, raspberry & blueberry).
Huge splash of Vanilla essence
Scoop or 2 of natural protein powder (whey or a smooth plant protein blend).
Cacao powder to taste (if you like it extra chocolatey).
1 cup of ice
A little water to help the blending if needed


Place everything into the blender (soft stuff first), then buzz until really smooth & serve with something to make it look pretty! I used shredded coconut plus raw cacao powder & nibs & a few spare berries. You could also leave the Blend11 out of the smoothie & just add it to the top.

Serves Approx

3-4 people


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