Creme Filled Gems


Tahini…chocolate…happy dance! A dairy free gem with shavings of cacao butter and chocolate… with or without nuts.


750g Bliss Ball mix of your choice (nut free or vegan for eg)
100g coconut oil
120g cacao butter shavings
120g dairy free/vegan chocolate shavings

Crème filling…
100g cacao butter
120g creamed coconut
120g tahini
1 1/2 small Tblspns raw honey (or sweetener of choice)
1/2 to 1 tspn vanilla


Bind the Bliss Ball mix together with the coconut oil before adding shavings of cacao butter and chocolate. Mix and mould into gem trays or other preferred moulds. No moulds or tarts? Then why not make a slice and slab it…on a tray/lamington tin.

Chill in the freezer while preparing the filling or topping.

Melt gently the cacao butter (using thermomix 37 deg/spd 1 or 2/few minutes). Add creamed coconut and tahini, honey and vanilla. Blend few seconds (at 37 deg if need be) until combined.

Pour into chilled moulds/base and return to freezer or fridge to set. On partial setting, but before firm (within moments), you can opt to drop a hazelnut or other desired option for nut free into the centre of your gems.

Serves approx

makes approx 50

Thanks Kerry!

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