Coconut Icecream Chocolate Xmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding

This Christmas Pudding will suit some of your really tricky guests – vegans, gluten free people, & most Paleo dieters too. Also refined sugar free – depending on your coconut ice-cream. Best thing is you can prepare it well in advance & it’s very quick & easy!


500ml tub of coconut ice-cream (plain, vanilla or chocolate all work well)
1/4 cup rum soaked raisins (30ml rum or use rum essence to your taste)
1/2 cup of Bliss Ball mix (or more)
100g chopped dark chocolate
1tsp mixed spice
100g flaked almonds
100g melted choc for topping
Fruit to serve


1) Get the ice cream out of the freezer while you chop or grate the dark chocolate, so it’s not rock solid.

2) Once ice cream has softened just a little (not too soft), & chocolate is grated or chopped, mix all the ingredients through the ice cream quickly.
Press mixture firmly & evenly into a pudding shaped plastic bowl, or pudding mould, & return to the freezer to set.

3) Once set hard again, remove from freezer & run a little hot water over the outside of bowl / mould to allow it to slide out easily. Place pudding onto a serving platter with fresh fruit to decorate.

4) Pour melted chocolate over the top to decorate, & serve sliced up with fresh berries / cherries.

Serves Approx

6 people

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